TODAY   |  January 18, 2014

Rare shark ray at Kentucky aquarium is pregnant

The Newport Aquarium announced that Sweet Pea, a shark ray, is pregnant. The news marks the first time a shark ray has become pregnant while in captivity. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports

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>>> not spreading rumors here. it's not what i do, but i totally overheard at the water fountain when i was pretending to get water the other day that sweet pea is pregnant. also, the newport aquarium in kentucky exclusively told me this information. who is sweet pea ? sweet pea is a shark ray , a rare animal that looks like a cross between a shark and a stingray. we first met her back in june 2005 . aquarium officials say this is the first time a shark ray has become pregnant in a controlled environment. you saw the ultrasound there, which oddly enough looked just like harper's ultrasound, which was weird. there it is. there it is. biologists say sweet pea could have about a dozen pups, which, again, is what they told me when i went in for my ultrasound, and that didn't happen. so, stingray and sweet pea , good luck to you.