TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Bobbie Thomas shares 6 nude makeup trends

The TODAY style editor shows off a collection of nude make-up products, including lip gloss, eye shadow and nail polish.

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>>> time to get naked on "bobbie's buzz".

>> the beauty trends is all about being in the buff.

>> nude cosmetics are all the buzz.

>> here to share them with us is bobbie thomas.

>> hello, yes. it is all about baring it all when it comes to cosmetics. urban decay , people may have heard the naked pallet, uber popular, they came out with naked 2 and naked 3 which sold out overnight. just a collection of nudes.

>> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

>> beautiful.

>> and so this line was so popular that they have now released nude lip glosses called ultra naked.

>> you would love --

>> i'll take them all.

>> we tend to get the most from you at home what is the lip color we're wearing. it is hard to answer because we're constantly --

>> the brush, everything.

>> and plumper in it?

>> a little bit of shea butter and rose hip oil. you can also find the pallets from sephora to the drugstores, this is elle for $6. but mac has taken it to a whole other level that is really cool. go to my website and i have a tutorial, cool and warm. so they really help match the colors on your eyes.

>> i love bobbie's eyes.

>> she's been wearing this classic look forever. once in a while the experts get it right. why are you wearing polish on one hand and not the other?

>> i wanted to be the model today. if you look, this is clinique. they have shades of beige. they have put out the cool collection for you to match your skin tone , to complement it. it makes your fingers look longer, just like a nude shoe makes your leg look longer. there is formula dumped in on this with their nude wear this is no makeup makeup. it enhances the look of your skin tone , powder, blush and brownser. last but not least, this may be the most anticipated thing.

>> what is it?

>> beauty cream for your body by jergens. the bb cream that enhances your complexion.

>> bb. i don't know what's going on. i love it.

>> it's light. it is basically -- it is not foundation, it is a really sheer version and it will make your skin tone -- it makes your skin tone look better. jergens has --

>> smells good too.

>> thank you, b.t.

>> everything is online.

>> very nice.