TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Snacks and skin creams top best new products

Amy Panos of Better Home & Gardens presents the latest products chosen by consumers as the best of the best, including Olay Total Effects CC Cream and the new Duracell Quantum alkaline battery.

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>>> if your plans is to hit the supermarket to stock up, you'll want to know about great items we'll be seeing soon.

>> this is great. better homes and gardens is out with the list of the best new products of the year.

>> i can't wait. oh, no.

>> skin cream , also can buy you the consumer.

>> hello, good morning. thanks for having me.

>> this is it.

>> there we go.

>> come on in.

>> the food category.

>> right. so think of this as the oscars of a new product. we surveyed 80,000 consumers about their new favorite product. came up with 91 winners. we've got ten for you today.

>> all right.

>> it's all about convenience.

>> okay.

>> go for it.

>> okay.

>> these are the saute express. very convenient. packets of butter with seasonings in them. the protein in the pan. cooks all in one step. it's handy.

>> oh.

>> i'm going to try it.

>> delicious.

>> maybe in olive oil .

>> let's do number two.

>> all right. number two.

>> this is a hot new food category.

>> okay, so.

>> if there's anything you want to know, it falls over on the plate and everything comes out.

>> okay.

>> these are boat-shaped taco shells that won't let any of your toppings go out.

>> number three.

>> number three.

>> who would not love jalapeno ketch-up.

>> you know how you make ketch-up taste better? put fries in it.

>> anything's better.

>> anything's better with fries in it.

>> that's fantastic.

>> so easy, right.

>> real kick.

>> last food.

>> healthy snack, these are the frozen yogurt bars. consumers love they are low fat, they are really high in protein.

>> super great snack.

>> household products.

>> for the do-it-yourselfer.

>> this is going to blow your mind .

>> these are wood finishing cloths.

>> mind blown.

>> mind is exploding.

>> finishing wood is a very messy process. with the wipes, this comes with a rubber glove , and check this out.

>> a built-in stain.

>> that's amazing.

>> you wipe it off and have stain in one step.

>> isn't that cool?

>> okay. over here, number two, a new battery.

>> batteries that last ten years. wow.

>> ten years.

>> you're never going to see these run out, russ.

>> that's mean. that is mean.

>> that is mean.

>> okay. that's really good.

>> it is.

>> this one's really going to rock your world.

>> you rocked my world.

>> this was the liquid plumber system. you get your very own --

>> what's it called?

>> i don't know.

>> snake and gel.

>> snake, so you can be a plumber, and then pull the gel down to get rid of the clog.

>> i usually have to take old hangers.

>> not anymore.

>> beauty category.

>> this is what i'm excited about.

>> all in one cream.

>> all in one. we're saving steps by putting things on in one step. olay total effects tone correcting cc cream has moisturizer, sunscreen and color correction all in one step.

>> this is like that peanut butter and jelly .

>> i love how it looks. looks like an ice cream cone .

>> and we have cover girl outlast stay fabulous three in one, this one has primer, concealer and foundation all in one step. i use this stuff, i have it on today.

>> looks fantastic on you.

>> thank you.

>> last but not least, the very, very best. everything's all in one. all in one.

>> stress sweat, bad, bad thing. nobody wants that. this is the secret, critical strength, stress