TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Crown yourself king of the sandwich

Jeff Mauro, also known as the “Sandwich King” on Food Network, assembles some delicious and unusual selections, including grilled summer sausage sliders and crunchy fried PB and J.

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>> that is sandwich slippage. and here is the host of the food network show "sandwich king and the kitchen." good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you can call me your highness.

>> if jimmy fallon made sandwich sandwiches, he would look like this.

>> i was on fallon and i said, i'm the skinnier fallon. but he's like, i'm the funnier morrow. he won that battle.

>> how do you avoid sandwich slippage?

>> well, you've got to create. you've got to look at the infrastructure of a sandwich. put your cheese on the bottom, sauce on the top. make sure you're using the glue of the tasty sauce. do not overstuff your sandwich.

>> big mistake. what we're featuring today, i call it basket meat. we get that holiday basket.

>> oh, true.

>> summer sausage . they cure it in the summer.

>> this is 8 years old.

>> exactly.

>> and you got a rollex, right? and that's how it works. you can eat it with cheese and crackers, i like to grill it. crisp it up. we're going to cover it in not just a normal cheese, it's got the texture of -- it melts just like american cheese but it's nuttier, more complex flavor. and always treat -- you know, don't be afraid to play in your kitchen like it's a diner. cover it, get water in there, help steam it up. when it's perfectly gooey, see, we're creating the infrastructure.

>> the little buns.

>> always treat your bread right. butter and griddle your bread always.

>> make sure you butter your buns.

>> exactly.

>> exactly. and create a nice barrier, all that juice that delicious summer sausage , that basket meat, that creates a nice crisp edge to it. but also protects the bottom bun from all the juice.

>> for sauce?

>> for sauce we're going to do something i invented. three things, chilly sauce, japanese may owe if you've never had it and honey and lime to kind of give it tang. it'll cut through the rich meat and cheese. put it on just on the top not on the bottom. for a little texture and vinegar punch, pickled fennel. vinegar sweetness, bay leaves , mustard seeds in there and boom.

>> it's the perfect little sandwich.

>> there you go.

>> we've got more back here.

>> yes, we do.

>> we'll bring it over here, make sure there's no slippage here.

>> no slippage. all right. but it does take practice.

>> that was good.

>> i know you think you're looking at a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich . we're going to dress it up a little bit.

>> on peanut butter and jelly .

>> salt, sweet, all the rage, all the teenagers are doing it.

>> all the kids.

>> all the young people .

>> what do you got here?

>> put that on there. favorite cinnamon cereal, little egg, crunch it, dip it, fry it up. all they need is a quarter of that and they can work in the mines.

>> thank you. the recipes, by