TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Meet the ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’

Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang, stars of “#RichKids of Beverly Hills,” which will premiere on January 19 on the E! Network, say that while they expect criticism, they want people to know that their new reality show is not so much about money as it is about growing up and finding yourself.

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>> there are a group of posh 20-somethings that have instagrammed their way to fame with tens of thousands of followers. the new ereality series "the rich kids of beverly hills " is about the lifestyles of the young and beautiful living it up in the country's most coveted zip code .

>> i want to stay in beverly hills .

>> where would you go?

>> i don't know.

>> you opened up this whole door.

>> a lot of people who live in beverly hills only want to live there because they want the 90210 zip code . and people in bellaire live in compounds.

>> joining us now are two of the stars of the series morgan stewart, dorothy lang. good morning.

>> thank you for having us. we're a little nervous.

>> you live -- are you nervous?

>> i'm sweating.

>> you do reality tv .

>> i've been watching you since i was this high.

>> they're big fans. you guys, actually, as you said, sort of became instafamous on instagram.

>> yes.

>> we thought we'd do some selfies before the segment.

>> we had a good one.

>> and at the end, we'll see who gets the most likes on instagram. apparently that's what the young people do.

>> the young people .

>> you may get the most likes for that face.

>> tell us about this show.

>> i think the show is really about -- first of all, the title has the connotations, but the money is the backdrop of the show. it's about five 25-year-olds really kind of finding their way, making their way through the walls and finding themselves aside from their parents.

>> i'm going to ask you guys, why did you want to do this because you know there'll be a lot of people hate watching.

>> people hate watch everything no matter what it is. we could have been on a show about scuba divers. i think we both felt like we had a voice and wanted to put it out there and erase some of the stigma.

>> what are you trying to gain with this show? what are you trying to say?

>> honestly, what she said about the stigma against the rich kid thing --

>> are people really discriminating against you? are you an oppressed group?

>> no.

>> i think people do have a misconception of us and they only see one side of us and think that all we care about is money and purses and stuff like that. and yes, we're not going to deny it, we do love to enjoy the lifestyle that we are fortune enough to have. we know we are very lucky and fortunate to have that. but there are other sides of us, we are trying to strike out on our own and be independent from our parents and family.

>> from what i've seen from the show, it's a lot about glamorizing that lifestyle you all have. you guys are living that stereo type. how are you striking that stereotype?

>> the show progresses as it goes on. these are clips, these are getting -- this is the point to get people to watch. as the show goes on, i think you see a lot of heart.

>> do you do some charity work ?

>> yes.

>> you do?

>> we do blood drives, we strike out on our own and really focus on our careers. my parents love it, they want me to stay at our house. and so i actually moved out on my own. something that is a little bit scary for me. i haven't since i graduated from usc. i've been living at home since i graduated college.

>> you're ready to move out.

>> yes.

>> and social media 's incorporated throughout the show, as well. you encourage viewers to kind of weigh in and participate, too, is that right?

>> yeah. i mean, the show is basically set up around social media . that's a huge add on to it. i think we're engaged with a lot of viewers.

>> and part of our social culture right now.

>> first lady turned 50 today. where do you want to be when you're 50?

>> wow. 50. i usually get the five-year question. now i have to think about 50?

>> i definite want my own businesses. separate from my dad and all that stuff. i want to be independent and have an empire. maybe a mini empire. by 50, empire. in five years i'll say mini empire. by 50, i definitely want an empire. and i do want to use a platform like this to be able to catapult, and to be able to be an advocate for things. it is a big platform, and we do -- we can express certain things to a wide scope of young people that are watching the show for entertainment purposes. but through that, we can also teach them certain things and lead by example that, yes, we have money. and yes, we enjoy everything.

>> you're leading by instagram.

>> you are. dorothy and al win. 176 likes and morgan and i, 110. came out okay.

>> you came in second.

>> there we go. only one place -- other place to go. morgan stewart, dorothy wang, good luck with the show. tune in tonight for the two-night series premiere #richkids of beverly hills .