TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Happy 92nd birthday, Betty White!

The legendary actress is celebrating her 92nd birthday, sharing her b-day with first lady Michelle Obama, who is turning 50.

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>>> about the 30% containment reached overnight and his biggest worries looking ahead to today.

>>> welcome back to "today" on friday morning. it's january 17th , 2014 .

>> we're here and happy birthday . not just michelle obama 's birthday today, it's also betty white 's birthday today. 92 years old.

>> wow.

>> and better than ever.

>> born on january 17th , 1922 , oak park , illinois.

>> so here's a little trivia for you. 1922 , half gallon of milk, how much did it cost? between 28 and 33 cents. cents, we're talking.

>> crazy.

>> today, of course it costs like $4.99 a gallon.

>> average house cost about $8,000, today over $270,000.

>> average car back then cost $355.

>> wow. today, $31,000, and she started in radio, she's in the golden girls . back in the '40s, she had to be something. russ, what was she like? when you dated her?

>> she was fabulous. a major babe.

>> she still is a major babe. she's still got it.

>> you guys keep in touch, don't you?

>> definitely. smoke signals.

>> he's here till thursday.

>> don't forget to tip your camera man. you'll get a tip later for that one.