TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Australian heat wave tops photos of the week

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin of Huffpost Live shares the most memorable images of the week, including the emotional vigil that followed a shooting at a New Mexico middle school and the reactions to the terrible heat wave at the Australian Open.

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>>> fog blanketing a major city, oppressive heat wave and a monkey mugging for the camera. talk about a memorable week.

>> sometimes the story can best be told through a powerful image that we see. and here to walk us through some of them is the host of huff post live. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this is an amazing photo of new york in the fog.

>> yes.

>> this was earlier this week.

>> yes. this was taken on wednesday from lower manhattan . as you know, this was an opportunity for people who love instagram, but this one's been circulating online. there were some flight delays. so an inconvenience for some people, but for people who love to take photos, everyone had their cameras out.

>> another big story this week, the heat wave in australia. it's been just crippling there.

>> as you can see, trying to find some comfort. well, essentially, we were feeling like popsicles here in the u.s. two weeks ago, we still are dealing with freezing temperatures, there it reached 115 degrees fahrenheit. the australian open in melbourne, this was the first time since 2009 they had to cancel essentially stop play as a result of the heat. lots of wildfires there, as well, electricity problems.

>> and temperatures are going down there now, right?

>> finally. by this weekend, though, in fact by today, they'll be down in the 70s.

>> that's so bizarre. i know.

>> hopefully no more players collapsing.

>> absolutely.

>> next, small dog that gets a lot of attention from a press event at the westminster dog show . what a great photo.

>> beautiful photo and perhaps a reminder that there's going to be changes. a lot of people wondering why that is. maybe it's because they've been getting flak, the chairman actually admitted that purebreds are getting a bad rep these days. i think it's a good move, you know.

>> i do, too. yay for mutts. next, the breathtaking shot of the full moon this week. look at that.

>> looks incredible. back lighting, this plane at l.a.x. what's so incredible about this, the moon looks huge. this is actually the smallest full moon , apparently of 2014 . because there are several and it's called the wolf moon .

>> oh, i had no idea.

>> all right. and --

>> sound effects.

>> included.

>> we like to end with a smile. and a rare monkey on -- this looks fake.

>> it does look fake.

>> this is in the beaches of indonesia. i would imagine if we were there, we'd be smiling, too. it looks very happy.

>> looks like a dr. seuss character.

>> what is it eating?

>> i have no idea. but i know the photographer who actually took these photos was doing it to try and spread awareness to the fact that even though they' -- they're endangered. the rest of the photos are incredible.