TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

‘90s tech ad is smartphone premonition

Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you:  A RadioShack ad from the ‘90s shows a technology like a cell phone, computer, video camera and radio, all now functions of today’s average smartphone today.

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>>> trending on the " huffington post ," it's a blast from the past when it comes to the marvels of modern technology. an ad for radioshack from 1991 . now, of the 15 items advertised in this ad, 13 of them now fit in our pockets thanks to smartphones. so first up, you've got the capabilities of a personal computer , then you've got the camcorder there, that cost a cool $800 back then.

>> a movie studio in your own home.

>> remember this? the '90s-looking cellular phone . thank god we've come a long way.

>> yes, we have. a deluxe portable cd player . there's some kid right now saying what's a cd? and a handheld voice activated tape recorder. when you total up the price of the 13 items, you get a grand total of $3,054.82. i think it's interesting if you look at the old movies and you see them with the big brick phone or the beeper. where will we be in 20 years?

>> hmm.

>> kids will say, oh, my god, it was so big.

>> what's crazy is my father's watching right now and he's going out to buy a smartphone. after seeing that. he had no idea.

>> we could go out with