TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Adam Levine sends huge ‘Sexiest Man’ cover to Blake

“The Voice” coach had a little fun with fellow star Blake Shelton, who responded that the prank is “why I love him so much.”

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>> no.

>> fair enough.

>> adam levine and blake shelton , i've seen the strange bromance they have with each other. but we've got to give credit to adam levine , who is the sexiest man alive. he took that to a whole new level by sending blake shelton a special delivery .

>> today i received a package from adam levine . and i think this answers that question. this is why adam levine is a complete jackass.

>> "people" magazine.

>> with the cowboy hat .

>> how could you live with that?

>> in a very big envelope.

>> you haven't gotten yours yet, have you?

>> i haven't. i'm afraid to go home.