TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

The year’s biggest Oscar snubs

The TODAY team looks at some of the actors and films that got snubbed yesterday by the 2014 Academy Awards nominations.

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>> the oscar nominations and what some are calling the year of the snub. tom hanks is one of biggest names left off the list. and while we haven't heard a reaction from either of them, one star is speaking out about the snub. robert redford who many expected to get nominated for his role. he said, quote, i'm not disturbed by it, not upset by it because it's a business. he said the film suffered little to no distribution because the distributors didn't want to spend the money. they were afraid they were just incapable, he said. i don't know. meanwhile oprah snubbed for her role in "the butler." harvesting beautiful greens even in january on twitter.

>> snubbed by the academy, that'll never happen again.

>> trending on -- any other thoughts about snubs quickly?

>> no.

>> fair enough.

>> adam levine and blake shelton , i've seen the strange bromance they have with each other. but we've got to give credit to adam levine , who