TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Turning 50? Develop a new style

Jill Martin, TODAY contributor and contributing editor for People Style Watch, shows off some awesome makeovers for viewers turning 50, and gives tips on developing your own style.

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>> jill martin is a contributing editor with tips for men and women at 50. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> and we've got a brave young woman over here. brave new 50.

>> we do. just 50.

>> come on in.

>> and you look great. i see jill 's been working you already. but it must have been a little intimidating to turn 50?

>> no, i was excited about it. one of the things i was looking forward to.

>> you look good.

>> we wanted to show 50 is the new 40. five tips you can put into your wardrobe that will make you feel younger, thinner, more fabulous.

>> the undergarment --

>> so important. when you turn 50, a milestone, you should reassess what you have. and the first is a bra fitting . we just did the fitting, takes two minutes. and actually, she was wrong on her band size and cup size . completely wrong. great bra, gave us instant cleavage and the right undergarments. pick something if you don't love the flaws, the things you don't love on your body, cover them up. that's the first tip, get a great bra and right undergarments.

>> then what's next?

>> we'll let you get dressed.

>> two staples i want you to replenish. dark jeans.

>> okay.

>> i love a dark green . what i love about them, they have the built-in control panels. and if you want to look thinner, always do a flare. it'll streamline your body. button downio, so sophisticated.

>> i like it dressed up.

>> yeah. and you see michelle obama she really mixes it up. a lot of this is j. crew , always really casual with dressy. the jeans, throw on a blazer and button down.

>> and a lighter nail polish color. why is that?

>> this is interesting. a lot of women say my hands look like they're aging, what do i do?

>> you don't want a dark color, pick a neutral, similar to your skin color and that'll make your nails look longer.

>> great tip.

>>> statement jewelry. hard for a lot of women to wear, especially their ear lobes , this stuff is heavy.

>> come over here quickly. it's a little sticker, do you see here? show your ear. if it's pulling a little bit, put the sticker on and it will not make the earring droop. here, put that on now and show after.

>> that's great.

>> it's fabulous at 52, get right into the men.

>> looking at the men now, you want to pick up the staples and don't want to go crazy with accessories. we did it with the pocket square . show your belt and your socks. and if you want to express yourself , it's better to not do it with bold pieces, it's better with the socks, with the ties and then buy classic items. again, dark jeans, blazer, he wants to show off his tush. and the crisp white button down, as well. and he has advice for you about turning 50.

>> what's the advice?

>> be brave and color -- spots of color, be grateful.

>> and he said the sex gets better.

>> and the sex gets better. the intimate moments get better.

>> you know we're on tv, david.

>> thank you, jill . what is happening here? i have some time before this.

>> tamron hall 's in the orange room . thank you so much. thank you, david.

>> upstairs, carson. finally the makeover tips to help you look fabulous at 50. they gave head to toe makeovers to two lucky ladies. good morning to you both.

>> hi.

>> let's show the before picture of stacy. it's her birthday, her sister surprised her for her 50th birthday, brought her to new york. let's look at her before picture. let's look at the after. come on over here, stacy.

>> how gorgeous.

>> you look fantastic. tell me this, did you have anxiety about turning 50?

>> a little bit at first.

>> what was your biggest concern?

>> kind of trying to hide wrinkles on my face and getting my skin to even out.

>> well, you look smoking hot. what did you do to her hair?

>> as women get older, the wrinkles start to form and get deeper in the creases. and if you don't want anything severe, bangs are a great way to look -- not only that, but look at the high-impact shine.

>> the hair was swept off your face and revealed more forehead.

>> high gloss in her hair.

>> what's a high gloss?

>> glosses available from the drugstore that create at lot of impact shine. looks like red carpet worthy hair right here.

>> and what about her make-up? what's the key for 50 here?

>> the key for 50 plus is even pigmentation. so what i use is my beauty balm which evens out the skin and gives sun protection . so you definitely want to think not only make-up but protection gives hydration.

>> and doesn't look heavy so you still have an even without a bunch of make-up caked on.

>> we also brightened the upper lid and worked on the center of the face.

>> i have wonderful.

>> don't go home and change. beautiful. next up, we have linda, a mother of twins, 53 years old. this is her before picture. and now she -- here she is after. you look beautiful.

>> thank you very, very much.

>> i love that hair. everything you got on here. tell me your anxiety or the thing you were most worried about.

>> well, i'm a busy working mom of twins, 8-year-old twins and i don't have time to feel like i look great when i leave the house.

>> i like what you've done to her hair because it's still manageable.

>> a lot of women feel i should probably go into a bob. here's an example of someone who looks youthful, sexy and modern. it's so simple for women to recreate themselves, use an iron or hot roller and brush it first.

>> that rule about the older you get --

>> you really can look youthful and sexy.

>> as we get older, we fade, so we defined the eyelash with my gel liner in between the lash. and then also the eyebrows are very important. be sure you really define the eye and a pop of color. very important.

>> beautiful.

>> pink lips, not brown lips.

>> lovely. thank you so much. ladies, you look marvelous. and coming up, the stars of