TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

Search for Wall Street Journal reporter goes on

Despite extensive searches, there has been no sign of David Bird, a 55-year-old energy reporter for the Wall Street Journal who went missing last Saturday. His mysterious disappearance has prompted a federal investigation. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> we'll begin this half hour with a difficult case. new developments in the puzzling disappearance of the reporter for the " wall street journal ." katie, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. it was only supposed to be a quick walk to the new jersey woods, but he's been missing since saturday. now with word his credit card was used in mexico, his family is wondering if his disappearance could be tied to his reporting.

>> reporter: according to his wife, i'm going out for a walk before the rain, were the last words 55-year-old david said to her before he went missing on saturday. since then, for nearly a week, local police along with friends, neighbors and volunteers have been searching for the husband and father of two.

>> i'll be out here all night if they ask me to. from the air to the woods and even the bottom of the frozen lake, hundreds have been looking, but still no sign of bird.

>> we wish we knew.

>> this is bird's sister-in-law.

>> it happens to people on tv. these kinds of events until our family is completely overwhelming to know it's just -- he just appeared.

>> bird is an energy reporter for the " wall street journal ." his wife nancy told the " wall street journal ," they were putting away christmas decorations before the walk. after it started raining heavily, nancy said she knew something was wrong. in the statement, the journal says our thoughts are with his family and we are working with the police department as they continue their search. sources close to the family tell nbc news bird's credit card was used in mexico wednesday. local police refuse to comment on that. an avid hiker and camper, bird is the town's boy scout leader, he ran the new york city marathon in 2013 and had a successful liver transplant almost a decade ago. his loved ones simply cannot figure out why. he was vanished without a trace.

>> we have no idea, honestly, he went for a walk and he didn't come back.

>> and because of that liver transplant , bird is on medication he needs to take twice a day. there is concern that he could be disoriented from not having it.

>> oh. really worrisome.

>> wow.