TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank

Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty offers some tips for upgrading the busiest room in the house without spending more than you can afford.

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>> for a lot of families the kitchen is the busiest room of the house but buying new appliances and tables and chairs can be really pricey.

>> abby larson of style me pretty will help us. you've come up with some ways to decorate and maybe freshen up the kitchen without breaking the budget.

>> people get so intimidated with a kitchen renovation that we wanted to come up with some facelift ideas.

>> first decor on the walls.

>> you want a wow moment. you want to distract from what's not so cute and bring your eye over to what is fabulous. so we used plates to do that. you can use an abundance of colorful plates or go all white on a dark wall. the key is to have a lot of them. you can hang them various ways. we used these discs, which is awesome. they stick to the back of the plate and hang it on a nail.

>> so you don't have to put holes in the wall .

>> well, you do hang it on a nail but it doesn't show from the front. if you're scrappy like we are, you can glue a bracket to the back of the plate.

>> i've seen people that go to tag sales and buy a bunch of different mix-and-match plates.

>> it's the cutest way to do it, mismatch. and in terms of wall decor, we actually printed out some recipes and put them in really inexpensive white frames. you can do it with your kids' artwork, family photos. anything to make your space feel more at home.

>> then you're not hunting for the recipes, too.

>> and upgrade your table and chairs.

>> paint can transform the very boring into the very beautiful. this is a wooden table, chairs with a woven seat. we didn't have to prime them or anything. we sanded them lightly and painted them with this really fabulous mint color. if you notice on the bottom there's some gold, so we elevated it a little bit and made it look a bit more fabulous. on the front of that chair, you can see some blue painter's tape. and we did the table so it really feels like a cohesive set.

>> i love it. it makes it more modern.

>> over here, i'm going to scoot in front of you guys. so one of the things with having a beautiful kitchen is cleaning up all that clutter. so this looks like a normal shelf but it's actually a paper towel holder. it can mask some of that stuff that sits on the counter looking ugly. the other thing we wanted to do was update our knobs. sometimes all a cabinet needs is different hardware and then it looks pressufresh and modern. the options of endless. mix and match. have fun.

>> when you walk into a kitchen and see an outdated back splash, that's a huge project. cover it with contact paper. it comes in so much different styles. this is a faux wood, this is a marble that looks very real. it doesn't hold on to stains. it's awesome.appliances, they may work fine but they're looking dingy.

>> put this stainless steel contact paper right on to the front of it and it mimics the look of those really upscale appliances.

>> that's fantastic.

>> the expensive stainless appliances. abby