TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

New rotavirus vaccine may be safer

TODAY contributor Dr. Roshini Raj and gynecologist Dr. Adam Ofer discuss the latest health headlines, including new studies about a safer vaccine for the potentially dangerous rotavirus.

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>>> there a lot of new studies out every day that affect your health. here to break down all of it for us.

>> dr. adam landover and dr. raz.

>> what is rotavirus?

>> unlike other viruses, it sticks to surfaces and lives for a while. it goes from person to person and affects whole communities.

>> if you've had it, you know what it is.

>> one of the most common causes of diarrhea for children and accounts for hospitalizations and deaths world wide. new studies show there's a very slightly increased risk of a rare condition associated with the vaccine. this condition is called interasuse interasusepcion. in the 90s the vaccine was taken of the market because of the 90s.

>> this shouldn't scare parents. this virus kills 500,000 kids. it shouldn't scare parents.

>> one out of ten kids before the vaccination are hospitalized.

>> researchers say a blood test may actually be used to test for concussions. is this right? this is amazing.

>> it's so interesting now what we can detect in the blood. concussions are very serious. the signs are not always obvious early on. now this was a study looking at 46 athletes. on the sidelines they did finger sticks to check their blood and they found a certain protein. if it's above a certain level, they did have a very high risk of having concussion, meaning they would need a head cat scan , would have to go to the hospital. it's still early. it's been studied in europe to show signs of brain injury to show whether or not you need a cat scan or surgery. even for children. when your child falls and hits their head, you're panicked, do they have a concussion or not? this may give you an answer.

>> and a new study shows caffeine may enhance your memory. what do you think?

>> we knew it caused alertness and helped you study. what we found is it only works if you're on the caffeine. this is the first study i've seen you give somebody a couple hundred milligrams of caffeine while they're studying, the next day they have no caffeine in your system, that memory still lasts. somehow it helps integrate memory.

>> we should emphasize it happened with people who don't regularly drink caffeine.

>> coming up, all the news