TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

‘Captain Phillips’ actor couldn’t sleep before Oscar nod

Barkhad Abdi, who earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his film debut in “Captain Phillips,” tells TODAY he was too excited to sleep the night before his nomination was announced.

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>> all right.

>> on the phone we have barkhad abdi. good morning to you. congratulations!

>> thank you so much. good morning.

>> can i twist a line from the movie and just say i'm the oscar nominee now. how are you feeling?

>> i'm feeling great. i'm really humbled and honored to be nominated for an oscar . it's just more than a dream come true.

>> barkhad, we saw you this weekend at the golden globes , you're starting to get good at this hollywood thing. how has this experienced affected you. you started as a limo driver and now you're an oscar nominee.

>> that's the story of my life , you have to live with each day. you know, i'm really excited about this. i couldn't sleep all night just thinking about it. i'm really happy about it.

>> barkhad, can i just mention the other names in the khat gri. bradley cooper , michael fassbender , jared leto and jonah hill . that's a nice group.

>> yes, good names.

>> you're going to have to have a special oscar tux, don't you think?

>> yeah, i'll have to think about that.

>> and tina fey had some fun with you at the golden globes . has she called you since?

>> not yet, not yet.

>> all right, barkhad abdi, congratulations. your first movie role and your first oscar nomination. that's as good as it gets, sir.

>> thank you so much, matt.