TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

See this year’s Oscar nominations revealed live

The official announcement of the major nominations for the 86th annual Academy Awards is made live on TODAY, including the Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay categories. Dave Karger of Fandango provides commentary and predictions.

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>>> to get a whole lot more exciting in los angeles , the buzz all about oscar. this is the one morning in l.a. where i think actors and actresses don't mind getting up so early.

>> they want that phone call early in the morning . we have the screen actors's guild coming up this weekend. let's go right to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences . the nominations are about to be revealed.

>>> hello, everybody. good morning. and welcome to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences sciences. i'm cheryl boone isaacs, president of the academy. [ applause ] thank you. i want to thank everyone for joining us for these exciting announcements, celebrating the heros of movie making . and lucky for us we have a superhero here with us today. ladies and gentlemen , the very talented chris hemsworth .

>> thank you very much, cheryl and good morning, everyone.

>> let's go right to it. the 2013 nominees for best performance by an actor in a supporting role are barkhad abdi in "captain phillips ." bradley cooper in " american hustle ." michael fassbender in "12 years a slave," jonah hill in "the wolf of wall street " and jared leto in " dallas buyers club." chris?

>> thank you. for best performance by an actress in a supporting role , the nominees are sallie hawkins in blue jasmine, jennifer lawrence in " american hustle ," lupita nyong'o, julia roberts in

"august: osage county " and june squib in " nebraska ."

>> best original song , the nominees are "alone yet not alone" from "alone yet not alone." "happy" from "despicable me 2," music and lyric by farrrell williams. "let it go" from "frozen." "the moon song " from "her," music by care o, lyric by karen o and spike jonze and "ordinary

love" from "mandela: long walk to freedom," music by paw hewson, dave evans , adam clayton and larry mullen . you may know them better as u2. lyric by paul hewson .

>> for adapted screen plays, the nominees are richard linkletter , julia delpy, ian hawk for "before midnight." steve coogan for " philomena " and "the wolf of wall street ."

>> best original screen play , david o'russell for american hustle . woody allen for "blue jasmine." craig borton and melissa wollak for " dallas buyers club," spike nelson for "her."

>> best animated feature film we are pleased to nominate "the croods," "despicable me 2," "ernest & celestine," "frozen" and "the wind rises."

>> for best documentary feature , the nominees are "the act of killing," joshua oppenheimer . "cutie and the boxer," "dirty wars," richard rowley and jeremy skahill. "the square." and "20 feet from stardom," nominees to be determined.

>> the best foreign language film , the nominees are from belgium" the broken circle breakdown." from italy, "the great beauty." from denmark "the hunt." from cambodia" the missing picture" from palestine, "omar."

>> best achievement in directing, david o. russell , alfonso cuaron , alexander payne , steve mcqueen and martin scorsese .

>> for best performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees are amy adams in " american hustle ," kate blanche chet in "blue jasmine," sandra bullock in "gravity," judi dench in " philomena " and meryl streep

in "august: osage county ."

>> best performance by an actor in leading role, the nominees are christian bale in " american hustle ," bruce dern in " nebraska ," leonardo dicaprio in "the wolf of wall street ," chiwetel ejiofor in "12 years a slave" and matthew mcconaughey in " dallas buyers club."

>> and finally we are pleased to announce that the film selected as the best picture nominees for 2013 are " american hustle ", "captain phillips ," " dallas buyers club," "gravity," "her," " nebraska ," " philomena ," "12 years a slave", and "the wolf of wall street ," nominees to be determined. for the complete list of all the nominations, please visit

>> and join us sunday night, march 2nd to celebrate these incredible artisan films at the oscars. see you then.

>> all right, let's digest what we just heard with dave, host of "front-runners." what jumps out at you?

>> just when think you know what's going to happen, there's all these surprises. the big ones that jumped out at me, tom hanks didn't get nominated for "captain phillips ." also robert redford didn't get nominated. instead they gave it to christian bale and leonardo dicaprio .

>> one of the other times i saw you get nominated, oprah winfrey , no nomination for best supporting actor for "the butler."

>> that whole movie got nothing, not forest whitaker , not best movie . another film that didn't do well is "saving mr. banks." emma thompson was not nominated, amy adams who just won the golden globe took that spot. interesting to know that " american hustle " got nominated in all four categories. that happened last year with "silver linings playbook." there's something magical about that where people in the academy just love the way that he gets actors together.

>> just to put you on the spot real quick. if you had to pick one of the best pictures as the winner it would be --

>> "12 years a slave."