TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Anchors reveal their favorite Oscar-winning films

The TODAY anchors talk about their favorite Academy Award-winning movies, with Natalie Morales picking the classic “Casablanca” and Carson Daly choosing Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart.”

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>> would be.

>> viva la mutts.

>> today is a huge day in hollywood, the announcement of the oscar nominations. in the spirit of throwback thursday, we've been asking viewers to share their favorite oscar movies through the years. we asked to you pick which anchor picked "casablanca." which of you was it that chose this as their favorite movie?

>> what's my line?

>> i'm going to say natalie.

>> yes, love it. i think i watch it at least once a year. i just love that movie.

>> what's your favorite, savannah?

>> amadeus. i love the sound track .

>> that was a great, great movie.

>> tight shot, please. tight shot. i magnificent bastard, i read your book! "patton." how about you, al?

>> i love 1967 , "in the heat of the night." it was so powerful.

>> that is a good film