TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Westminster will now allow mutts to compete

The venerable dog show will now allow mixed breeds to compete in agility trials, changing for the first time strict guidelines that allow only purebred dogs.

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>> trending in the "new york times," in the dog world there is no bigger stage than the madison square garden westminster club dog show . it's always been an exclusive affair reserved only for those snooty purebreds. well, for the first time ever the westminster dog show will welcome mixed breeds. mutts will be able to compete if a new agility competition, weaving around poles, jumping through tires, knocking over the trash. it's a new addition to the dog show . organizers say they want to showcase all aspects of what dogs can do.

>> drinking out of the toilet.

>> still can't be best in show , though. i say it's time for them to be best in show .

>> what a great upset that would be.

>> viva la mutts.

>> today is a huge day in hollywood, the announcement of