TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Kate Gosselin: Spotlight has caused kids ‘no injury’

The reality show mom, joined by her teen twins Mady and Cara, defends her choice to put her kids in the spotlight.

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>> you believe this, 13-year-old twins now. we're going to talk to all of them in a minute. but first how they became " kate plus 8 ." ten years ago a happily married kate gosselin already mom to twin girls was expecting sextuplets with her husband, john. they quickly gained traction as one of the must-watch families of reality tv with their reality hit show " jon & kate plus 8 ."

>> very swiftly we turned into two different people.

>> but after years in the spotlight, weathering a messy divorce, kate jon went their own ways. now as teen-agers, cara and maddie want to set the story straight about their family and what life was like growing up gosselin.

>> good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> we have not seen you or gotten to talk to you two in a long, long time. you're out because you want to let the world know you're doing okay. what would you want to say about how you and your sister are doing, maddie ?

>> um --

>> maddie , your words. it's your chance. spit it out.

>> it's a hard question.

>> oh.

>> what about you, cara?

>> so this is their chance to talk. this is the most wordless i've heard them all morning. i don't want to speak for them but, maddie , go ahead. sort of the things that you saturday in the magazine that years later they're good, they're fine. go for it, it's your chance.

>> no, you just said it.

>> i said it.

>> let me ask you this, to go out and go to "people" magazine and say we're okay, why did you feel you needed to say that? do you feel people have the wrong impression of you guys, cara?

>> my gosh. yes or no? go for it. the interpreter. what is she thinking? do people have the wrong impression of you?

>> i wouldn't say wrong, i would just say not like the full, like, story. like a lot of people, like, think that filming like our show has damaged us but it's only really helped. it's not really done any damage.

>> they're more aware of what is out there, the inaccuracies, things that are said by the general public , their father, whoever in general because their friends talk about it at school. so i sort of am forced to kind of inform them. and i think the most upset -- we talk about it a lot and the most upset they are is because they get really frustrated that people assume certain things in our house and they always say but that's not how it is, mommy, why do they say that about us?

>> let me ask you, kate , to have them come out here, do a big article and come to national tv and put them on the spot like that, does that help or does that continued exposure continue the injury to them?

>> i mean, there is no injury to begin with. these are -- any tv things that we do, i can't get them to do at this age, 13, anything that they don't want to do, as with any parent. it's not like i forced them to do it. it was like, hey, the "today" show with "people" magazine asked to us do it, how do you feel about it, as with my 9-year-old. it's a family decision. it's really frustrating when there's so much out there that's not true. i'm getting to the point that i'm extremely frustrated. i don't spend time worrying about it because i'm busy raising my kids and we know they're here, even though they're tongue tied this morning to say we're okay, we're doing well. would that be accurate to say?

>> would you guys want to do another tv show if you could?

>> yeah.

>> because it was fun or you like kind of having your lives out there on display?

>> oh, you want me to say it? okay. i wasn't sure if you were going to say something there, cara. it was fun. i really miss it and you do, too. cara does, she just not going to say it.

>> it's a lot of fun opportunities. you know, if it happens, it does. if it doesn't, you know, it doesn't. it's a family-made decision. and they're just really regular, every day, awesome teen-agers. teen-agers.

>> teen-agers. we know you've got your hands full.

>> what did you say?

>> a little bit more fabulous. sorry.

>> she said "a little bit more fabulous."

>> thank you for stopping by, i wish you all the best.

>> thank you.

>> coming up, we'll have this morning's oscar nominations. who will get the big nod this