TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Poll: Clinton still leads Christie in presidential bid

NBC’s chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, presents results from an NBC/Marist poll that shows Hillary Clinton still leading New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a hypthetical 2016 presidential race.

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>> nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> we have a new poll, "time" magazine putting its new issue out this morning. what do you think of the benghazi report, what it does to a potential candidacy?

>> we know republicans want benghazi to do to hillary clinton what this bridge mess is doing to chris christie right now. they want benghazi to undermine what was a fairly good four-year term for her as secretary of state. she got a lot of bipartisan praise pretty much up until benghazi .

>> but the state department gets totally ripped in this report.

>> they do. she was there, she was on top. i think when you look at this cover and you ask that question and you say it's the same thing that happened eight years ago, can anyone stop her? yes, her. it's the clintons. it's is them. it is not necessarily any candidate, any thing. it's how she handles issues like this, how she handles benghazi . if she's looks like she's not being truthful, then they show up.

>> you have a number which demonstrates whether the bridge scandal has any effect on him. 59% says their opinion hasn't changed.

>> it's a mixed bag. 44% say he's telling the truth, but a third of those that we surveyed say he's lying.

>> i misspoke. it's 69% whose opinion haven't changed.

>> hillary clinton and benghazi , she's been around for a generatio generati generation. chris christie is still being introduced to the public. that's why it is more damages to him than we can appreciate.

>> i want to look at the matchup. this is where you see the most profound impact when you look at how hillary clinton and chris christie match up a month ago versus now. what do we have?

>> a month ago it was a dead even race. that was his asset, the idea he's the one republican that can stop the big front-runner on the democratic side, hillary clinton . now it's a 13-point difference. now chris christie is polling no better than any other republican generic candidate. he already had problems with conservative. if he doesn't have electability on his side, this is how this bridge mess has had a real impact on