TODAY   |  January 16, 2014

Report criticizes State Dept., CIA in Benghazi attack

A new Senate report on the deadly attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans 16 months ago criticizes the CIA and the State Department for poor communication and insufficient security. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> let us turn to politics now and troubles facing the early front-runners in the 2016 presidential race, chris christie and hillary clinton . a report faults hillary clinton 's administration in the benghazi attacks, saying they were preventable.

>> reporter: more than 16 months later, the deadly attacks in benghazi are still fueling heated debate. this new report sharp lip criticizes the state department and the cia for poor communication and insufficient security. with speculation mounting that hillary clinton will run for president, ""time" magazine asking if she's a shoe-in for 2016 . this report insists the 2012 report was preventible citing known security shortfalls at the u.s. mission. the report found that the cia upgraded security at its annex, just a mile from the diplomatic mission but the state department did not.

>> the state department is where the real fault lays in this.

>> reporter: clinton's name was mentioned just one, saying at the end of the day she was responsible for ensuring the safety of all americans serving in our diplomatic facilities.

>> if she decides to run, this is a part of her record that will have careful examination.

>> reporter: the head of the intelligent committee pushed back.

>> there's no information that i've seen, no intelligence that i've seen that she knew about it or was advised about it.

>> reporter: clinton's potential republican rival, chris christie is facing his own challenges. today he'll head to the jersey shore trying to redirect attention away from the washington bridge scandal. and chris christie is visiting with hurricane sandy victims during his visit today. the new jersey legislator announced the man who will investigate the scandal.