TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Keep the party going with smart light bulbs

Tech expert Katie Linendoll presents some of the hottest new technology that was on display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show.

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>>> a lightbulb that doubles as a wireless speaker ? how about a scooter to fold up for easy storage or a lamp -- i think the ice cream truck 's coming in. they've got the coolest new gadgets to hit the market.

>> katie rode in from the consumer electronic show that wrapped up in vegas. what do you got? nice wheels.

>> i'm buying ten of these. a fully electric scooter , speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. $1,500, the lead engineer for this is one of the leads for porsche. 20 miles on a charge, and it folds up, only 27 pounds. kind of obsessed with it.

>> this is what the segue should have been.

>> look at the skid marks on the floor. she literally burned rubber in our studio. amazing.

>> don't charge me for that.

>> little oral hygiene .

>> and the high-tech way. this is the world's first connected electric toothbrush . and it was a huge standout. measures three things, measures how long you're brushing, should be aiming for two to three minutes, which direction and which quadrants you're hitting. for parents, a little bit of a gamefication. you can see if they're brushing the right way.

>> yeah, an accompanying app that works with bluetooth.

>> now we've got a sleep system here.

>> this is a sleep system. this is a specialized lamp and this has a speaker below it. it's going to monitor and help improve your sleep. this little smart sensor pad goes underneath your mattress. it will actually measure your breathing, movement and your heartrate. sends it to an app to your ios device. it uses sounds and light technology to help improve your sleep and when to fall asleep.

>> all right. pretty cool.

>> that'll be $300 out in the spring.

>> okay. now, lightbulbs, light technology very big at ces.

>> very big. and you can't talk about smart home without smart lightbulbs. these are unique options. it's called the stream light. check this out. it has a bluetooth integrated speaker right inside the light.

>> they're like a lightbulb combined with a sono system.

>> yeah, imagine this in any room of your apartment.

>> can you play different music in different rooms?

>> exactly, yeah.

>> amazing.

>> and $100 will be out later this month. this here is the lumin bulb. and there's a party mode, you can actually group these together, there's a disco mode. and if you want to set the mood, there's a romance mode. because nothing turns me on more than a smart lightbulb.

>> hey, now. let's put the lights back up before something happens.

>> this is a good way to cure texting while driving.

>> i have never seen a technology like this. 1.5 million people drive distracted, surfing the web, texting while driving, this is from cell control. goes above the rearview mirror . if you have a teenager or you're managing a flight of drivers, put this up there, it's solar powered and it'll division between the driver and the passenger. it makes the driver's phone inaccessib inaccessible. crazy technology. you have to have the app installed. but i've never seen anything like that.

>> that'll be great for parents with teenagers, right?

>> yeah. out next month. and last but not least, as you can see it's incredibly fashionable. but inside here, is a little uv high-tech sensor. it actually monitors the uv index . this is going to help prevent aging, tell you what kind of spf to put on, know your skin type. so amazing now that we're talking about wearable technologies for the better.

>> very cool. you always bring the coolest stuff back from ces. are you going to leave on your scooter, too?

>> that was very nice. no, really, get out.

>> get on the scooter and get out. thanks so much.