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TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

How to get a six-pack in 6 months

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy cover everything from meal plans to workout routines as they reveal how to attain and maintain abs of steel.

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>> now to our six months to six-pack challenge. the six rules to live by to help you get the abs of steel. we have the foods and exercises that you need along with our three brave participants. kelly, tamara and ralph . good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> looking really good.

>> brave is the operative word.

>> you've weighed them in. the last two weeks since they've been on the food and exercise plan.

>> right. and they are off to a strong start. kelly is down 13 pounds.

>> right.

>> wow.

>> tamara's down 5 pounds and ralph is down 8 pounds.

>> amazing.

>> unbelievable.

>> you're all feeling good? you look great.

>> yeah.

>> let's get to the rules to live by.

>> rule number one in the morning, you want to eat protein with your breakfast. it helps to control your appetite throughout the whole entire day. we're showing it could be reduced fat cheese, eggs, cottage cheese , bacon, as long as it's lean. and here are some great on the go breakfasts. trail mix mixed with nuts.

>> what about exercise? what exercise do you like, jeff, in the morning?

>> my mind's on the bacon. first thing in the morning intervals, you want to boost your metabolism by doing interval work. get your heart rate near a maximum and allow it to come down. boost your metabolism the rest of the day.

>> that takes care of the morning. let's move to noon. what do you want us eating at lunchtime?

>> you're going to volumize with veggi veggies. think about what you're going to have for lunch and then double the vegetables. that's because vegetables are loaded with fiber and water, expands in your system and also control your appetite like that protein. if you're making soup, add frozen vegetables right into it.

>> great idea.

>> and have a sandwich, pile it up with all sorts of vegetables. spinach, lettuce, roasted peppers. anything goes, the more the better.

>> for the exercise, you say time to get up from the desk and pick up the pace .

>> we all do the same thing. we end up sitting for eight hours straight. they say sitting is worse than smoking cigarettes in these recent studies. i want everybody to pick up and move. lunch is time to pick up the pace , get moving, throw a sweat band on your head if that's what you need as a reminder.

>> all right. so let's move on to the evening and the thing is, you want to strike the starch.

>> it's not the enemy, but at the end of the day , we destress, unwind, we overeat the rice, potatoes, pasta, bread. i say with dinner, no starch at all. a turkey burger on lettuce and tomato. it's mashed cauliflower. lots of lean protein and vegetables.

>> how about training at night? strength training , right?

>> nice thing about the evening is that your strength actually naturally peaks towards the end of the day . it's a great time to do strength training . and we'll go for moves that incorporate the lower body and upper body like reverse lunges with overhead press.

>> one of the great tips i hear is you all have started a facebook account. you help each other out and motivate each other, is that right?

>> yeah. great support.

>> and also, the meal plan on our website

>> exercise video.

>> yeah. our viewers are going to follow along. these guys are getting some washboard abs.

>> you have a support system.

>> that's right.

>> absolutely.

>> ralph is all shredded up over there.

>> abs of steel already.

>> you can tweet us with the #sixpacktoday.

>> i'm answering questions all day long on twitter.

>> our camera guy says he can do a six pack in 30 minutes .

>> i'm sure he can.

>> all right. thank you, guys.

>> congrats.

>> keep it up. keep checking in with you guys. for the full list of the six pack rules, log on to our website