TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

The key to #DoingItAll? Prioritize your life

NBC’s special anchor Maria Shriver talks with TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky about how women can balance their home and work lives, as well as the results to their on-going #DoingItAll social media discussion.

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>>> been holding a helpathon offering advice for women trying to do it all. you've been sending us your questions, tons of them, more than 600 tweets, 330 e-mails just this hour and more than 600 tweets in the past 24 hours . maria shriver is in washington, d.c. with jean chatzky, good morning. what's the thrust of the questions you're seeing today?

>> well, good morning, thank you. i think it was 1,600 tweets. that's a lot, willie. what are you hearing? what are people asking for?

>> people are asking for a lot of information about improving their credit. so we're talking about making sure that you pay your bills on time, making sure that you pay down your debt so you're not carrying too much. also, some interesting conversation about how big a difference it makes in the home if you as a woman earn more than your spouse. and whether that's a source of tension.

>> is it?

>> i think it absolutely is, particularly if you have a partner who's not supportive. but if you can get on the same page, i find it to be important.

>> is there an overarching theme you can say to people that would help them today?

>> i think that the hashtag doing it all is driving people to say how can i do it all? and my answer largely is, maybe you can't. but you can prioritize and figure out what you need to do today. and that'll help you get on with your life.

>> people are already doing it all, they just don't give themselves the credit. natalie?

>> all right, maria. and our helpathon is continuing, by the way, keep sending us the questions, or e-mail it at

>> thanks, ladies. great job.

>> i think dads. guys, we worry about this, as well. and the stresses are still there.

>> exactly. no, this is -- the world has changed for