TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Kevin Hart, Ice Cube ride together for new movie

The two stars of the upcoming buddy comedy “Ride Along,” opening Friday, talk to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about the instant comedic chemistry they had on set.

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>>> in the new movie " ride along ," kevin hart plays a fast-talking security guard who is determined to prove his worth to his brother-in-law played by ice cube . and what better way to foster the bonds of brotherly love than a surprise break in? take a look.

>> i was in a hostile situation, james. i have no shame in that. you call for backup when there's a hostile situation.

>> that was a high-pitched scream. and you pushed my sister in the way.

>> i pushed your sister out of harm's way. you shined a light on us, james. different strokes for different folks.

>> put the ice pack in his mouth, no, on his head.

>> i'm sensitive to extreme measures of cold.

>> you got knocked out by yourself.

>> kevin hart , ice cube , good morning to you both.

>> good morning.

>> you guys are having too much fun in this movie. it's a buddy movie. you kind of have to have chemistry. was it love at first sight ?

>> for me, it was love. love at first sight for me.

>> what about the cube?

>> i don't know about love. whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> people like to hear the word love.

>> it was chemistry instantly at first sight.

>> how on earth did you find kevin for the role of the loud mouth annoying little brother figure. how did you think he would be the right guy for that?

>> man, you know -- after seeing kevin stand up and just kind of -- i've been watching his career skyrocket. and this movie has been on the shelf for years, over ten years.

>> yes.

>> and it was just the right combination. net alvarez, we all thought it would be a great script.

>> you made your name in stand-up, you still do stand-up. did you get to improv a little bit?

>> of course. i have trouble reading with my "ts," "hs" and "rs." i'm always big on elevating material, you know, just trying to bring new things to it. and it's always good to have somebody to feed off of. and the good thing about having chemistry is when you get to that improv section of a scene, you got somebody to feed off, it can go on and on and on and the sky's the limit. and i think we've got a lot of good stuff.

>> i saw a lot of behind the scenes footage from the movie. seems you live to harass cube. that's your goal in life.

>> yeah.

>> you tweeted a picture -- i think we have it -- of kevin working hard onset sleeping.

>> he tweeted a picture of me sleeping.

>> there it is.

>> this your idea of funny? hard at work.

>> okay.

>> keep going right there.

>> that was -- a long night in atlanta.

>> listen, first of all, we shot at night. everyone knows i'm small, so my body basically because of my feet, i'm not able -- if i don't drink milk. it's a long story, man. i need my rest.

>> it's a great ride "the ride along " opens nationwide this friday. thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> go see " ride along ."

>> this friday.

>> do it.

>> you heard it.