TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

#DoingItAll help-a-thon answers your questions

In conjunction with #Doingitall, a special series highlighting the challenges women face, a panel of experts assembles on TODAY to answer viewer-submitted questions about everything from nutrition to careers.

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>> i know you have a lot more for us, maria. but i want to mention, you were at the white house on tuesday with the president, but also you caught up with nba superstar lebron james . the heat were being honored by the president for their last championship. what was it like?

>> well, it was an exciting day at the white house for a lot of people. i was there to present the shriver report to the president. but first, i had to ask lebron about his essay, the one he contributed to the report about his mom. and this is what he had to say.

>> how are you?

>> how are you. good to see you.

>> my mother figured out -- i don't know if she read about it or she just heard about it. but from day one, i always had that mother and father inside my mother. i was never was a kid that was like where's my father? she gave me so much strength to a point where i never had to think about that, and i have no idea where she got it from. till this day, i still won't ask her, but she's the champion.

>> what did you learn about being a father from the way your mother parented you?

>> it doesn't matter what you have. with the most important thing you can give a child is love and attention. and that's what my mother gave me. and i never worried about anything else. i know so many single parent mothers out there that feel like there's no tomorrow. and hopefully i hope they don't just give up.

>> a lot of single mothers , a lot of women in general feel like there's no tomorrow. what are you hearing? you're getting a lot of reaction.

>> a lot of people are concerned about how do they budget no matter what they have coming in, how do they make that money cover all the things they need to do?

>> they need a lot of advice, financial advice .

>> financial advice . trying to just get their priorities in order as far as spending is concerned where resources are so limited.

>> paycheck to paycheck. what are you hearing?

>> i've heard the same thing, as well. i have $300 a week, i'm supporting four people, how can i do it? but what i'm also hearing is it's not just our responsibility, we need good jobs. employers have been missing from the picture. your report finally, finally puts employers back in. employers can do so much by not only having good jobs, by having flexibility so people can stay in school, by having just treating people with respect, understanding if their car breaks down, they might not be able to afford to fix it.

>> okay. ellen and jean will be on their computers responding to questions all along. and finally people are telling our story. so that's really exciting. back to you, natalie.

>> all right. well, we've got our experts hard at work here, as well. and they're answering all of our viewers' questions. and what are you seeing?

>> i'm seeing a lot of women talking about the multiple stresses they're dealing with simultaneously.

>> and where do they begin to get a handle on what they're dealing with.

>> a lot of women asking for career advice. major concerns.

>> a huge drumbeat is how hard it is to get back into the workforce, get a paid position after you've been out for several years looking after the children, for instance. so the big tip here is not to do all kinds of, you know -- but to go through your network. have coffee with your high school , you know, classmates. make sure that you connect with people in the community that have small businesses. start with a paid internship. you know, use your personal network . if you have a gap in your resume, that is the best way in.

>> all right. well, ladies, we're going to keep you busy here. and with that, carson, what are you seeing in the orange room ?

>> we have our three experts. first of all, not shampooing your hair for five years, dr. nancy.

>> well, if you shampoo, you're going to drown a lot of critters.

>> what sort of stuff are you seeing this morning?

>> a lot of talk about the affordable care act . people saying we need more people in it. a lot of people back and forth and a lot about supplements. even though there's no great evidence they work, people are sticking to them. taking what they want to take.

>> very good. sharon epperson .

>> people are concerned about their budget and want to save more. people saying, how can i save more? where should i be saving? i'm only 42, but i've got all these years, they think they're too late, they're not too late.

>> you're helping them out.

>> women being overwhelmed by guilt. how do i be all places at all times? carve out me time, which i suggest they do, even if it's 15 minutes . a lot of anxiety as a result of frankly not having any time for themselves.

>> asking why should i be doing it all? why can't i do my best?

>> matt, back to you.

>> carson, thanks very much. remember, keep your questions coming.

>>> and straight ahead, one of the funniest women in hollywood