TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Study: Kids eat less at the dinner table

If you’re trying to keep your kids on a healthy diet, getting them to the dinner table might help. A new study shows that kids who eat at the table will recognize when they are full better than they will when they’re in front of a screen.

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>>> trending on google, as if we needed another reason to remind people that sitting down for dinner with the family is a good thing. it's also great for their health. according to a university of illinois study, kids who eat dinner at the table are less likely to be overweight. researchers say it's because kids can tell when they're full better at the table rather than when they're just mindlessly eating in front of the tv. also, they found that kids who serve themselves food eat less than if their parents fix their plate for them. when i was a kid, i would be putting mashed potatoes on the plate.