TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Man swims with shark – in a birdcage

An Australian adrenaline junkie wound up in jeopardy went swimming with sharks using only a birdcage, instead of a regulation-size shark cage.

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>>> well, from the don't try this at home file, the stunt that one australian adrenaline junkie calling the biggest mistake of his life. shawn harrington, recently, he thought this would be a good idea. not using a shark cage but instead a $50 bird cage . after a couple minutes in the water, he realized. not such a good idea when the tiger shark came a little too close. see there he got out without getting hurt.

>> i'd probably still be in there.

>> harrington is part of an entertainment group similar to the "jackass" crew here in the u.s.

>> you don't say.

>> that explains why he decided to do it.

>> a bird cage for a