TODAY   |  January 15, 2014

Shooting at New Mexico middle school injures 2

The 12-year-old gunman suspected of shooting two of his fellow students is in police custody. The victims are hospitalized. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> and today's top story, two students hospitalized and a third in custody after a shooting at a middle school in roswell , new mexico. miguel almaguer is covering the story for us. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. the campus remains shut down as police push forward with their investigation. as you mentioned, that 12-year-old suspect is in custody. one student listed in critical condition , another now in stable condition . this as the community collectively asks one question, why. in roswell , new mexico, heartbreak and tears. many in this small community know the young victims and the suspect well. tuesday's shooting shattered the sound of laughter. students in a gymnasium were met with gunfire.

>> everyone in my class thought it was a drill or something.

>> police say the 12-year-old suspect used a sawed off shotgun to shoot a 12-year-old boy in the face, kendall sanders was also seriously injured.

>> i seen him shoot and the kid fell on the ground with his hand covering his face and was crying. it could have been worse. john masterson stopped the shooter asking him to drop the 20-gauge shotgun. an off-duty police officer ran inside to help.

>> it's one thing for an armed state police officer to enter the school and do his or her job, it's another thing for a teacher or staff member to intervene.

>> with both victims airlifted to a trauma center , parents rushed to campus fearing the worst. the gunfire was over in seconds, the investigation just beginning.

>> we got some preliminary information that possibly some of the students were warned by the individual. we have not corroborated that yet.

>> reporter: after searching the suspect's home, police have yet to release a motive. in roswell , there are no answers. for now, only grief.

>> though, the suspect's name is being widely reported, police have not yet released the minor's name. the suspect's attorney says his family will release a statement later today . savannah?

>> breaks you heart. miguel almaguer