TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Jenna Wolfe’s top tips for beginner runners

TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe shares her tips for how beginner runners can stick to their workouts, from how to use your gear to get motivated, to the importance of building your ultimate running playlist.

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>> once you've scored the perfect pair of sneakers, you'll want to put them to good use, sflit what if you're not an avid runner. jenna has two simple steps for beginners looking to hit the pavement.

>> let's reiterate this is for beginners. these are beginner tips for runners. my first tip, i'd love you to follow a guided plant. don't wake up, call yourself jesse owens and go out for a 20-mile jaunt around the park. you need to start slow and follow a step-by-step guide. don't be afraid to walk. you should crawl before you walk. try walking four minutes, running one, slowly decrease your walking, increase your running. eventually you'll walk one minute and run four until you're running without stopping. bottom line, really ease into it slowly. there's a ton of reading material out there. just search for a beginner's running guide, a plan to ease you into a good running workout. my second tip honestly, it's about finding your motivation. one way to get yourself out the door -- i know this sounds silly -- put on your sneakers and lays them up. if you are dressed and ready to go you are more likely to go for a run than to get undressed and back into a bed. trust me on this. other good motivators. find a good buddy. find a fun music playlist and run along an interesting route with plenty of things to look at. on all these fall steps that seem silly will help you keep going. those are my tips.

>> good stuff, jenna. also ahead,