TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Affordable ways to dress like celebs

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off affordable clothing items that replicate some of the hot fashions Miley Cyrus, Sophia Bush and Kristen Cavallari often wear, including a blazer, jewelry and pumps.

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>>> the line at the grocery store looking at celebrity magazines wondering why we can't look as casually fashionable as some of the stars.

>> now you can. "today" contributor and contributing editor to "people style watch "magazine and author jill martin is here to show you how to get the star studded style at a fraction of the price.

>> i love these segments.

>> fun. you get inspiration from them. i want to start with my dress.

>> fantastic.

>> thank you. okay, so, taylor swift wore a similar dress to the victoria's secret fashion show . we have a picture. hers, $10,000. mine, from zara, $59.

>> unbelievable. i like yours better.

>> i do too.

>> i'm not wearing --

>> wow.

>> zoom out.

>> that looks good on you, baby.

>> anyway, we have three looks. and i want to start with sophia bush . we have zoe coming out the door right now. the louis vuittons alone, $ 1200 . our entire look, $243.91. so our pumps are $48 from kohl's, the white button down, everybody should have a classic white button down from old navy, $24.99. look at the necklace, $32. but if you have an old brooch or something, you can just put it there for a little highlight. i love this. conservative, fun, classy look. $243.91 for the entire look, including the bag.

>> gorgeous.

>> thank you, zoe. miley cyrus had a trendy look.

>> right. we're not going through that halloween outfit, we're going a little more fun and edgy. this is lindsey. her designer dress we see miley cyrus right here with the great jacket on. that's over $5,000 easily. we come here, it is really fun now to mix flirty with edgy. this is a dress under there, let's say you're traveling, going to florida or somewhere warm, and you this dress on, you can just take the jacket right off. this dress --

>> you wear that on a plane?

>> i would wear it on a plane -- not really. take the plane thing back. but if you take this off, you have the flirty little look, but if it is that warm, cool thing go on, this is a faux leather jacket , $64, shop great bag. look at this bag from shoe dazzle, $44. miley cyrus ' entire look, over $5,000. ours, $349.95 including everything.

>> that's extraordinary. good job.

>> thank you.

>> so kristin cavallari .

>> elle is our model. this is just a great outfit to have all these separate pieces to mix and match. now, you see she looks beautiful and it was sort of this oversized sweater. normally you'll find leather leggings, faux leather for over $1,000. ours are nydj, $72 for these legs and a great turtleneck from gap. what is great about this, you can mix and match with a blazer. if you don't love your legs, wear a longer sweater with heels or boots and get the same look. so --

>> keep it all in the same color.

>> the same color. because that's always slimming.

>> elongates.

>> always elongates. the designer look, over a thousand dollars for the legs. our total look with the bag, $219.75.

>> unbelievable, jill. so great. you're