TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

BuzzFeed’s 16 books to read before their films open

BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick shares a list of books being adapted into movies that should be read before their big-screen adaptations debut.

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>>> from the look of things, a lot of you are trying to find a new page turner to bring on the next vacation. buzzfeed compiled new books to read before they hit the theaters this year.

>> here to reveal some of the best books and the biggest stars appearing in the film adaptions. brian, good morning.

>> thanks for having me.

>> let's start out with this one. "monuments men." here's the book. you see matt damon , george clooney and many others.

>> it's kind of a rare thing you find a true story no one's heard anything about. it's based on a real team of military specialists that went through war torn europe and stole back art from the nazis. and it's being adapted almost entirely by george clooney . he's directing, producing, screen writing , starring. also got a great ensemble cast . matt damon 's always great. it should be exciting to see a heist and a war movie .

>> and a great cast.

>> if you had a chance to read that, that's a great one. another book "the giver" came out 20 years ago, 1993 , now getting its turn on screen.

>> it's almost -- the way to think about it is the hunger games before the hunger games. it follows a 12-year-old named jonas who finds out that his utopian society isn't as perfect as he thought it was. it's being adapted starring jeff bridges as the giver himself. and it also stars taylor swift in her second on screen role. and also meryl streep .

>> meryl streep .

>> the two together, an interesting combination.

>> should be interesting. yeah. i'm excited to see what taylor swift can do. she's only ever been in "valentine's day" before this.

>> next up is "dark places," this is by gillian flynn who wrote "gone girl."

>> it's coming out before "gone girl" and was written before "gone girl." a very, very violent event happens in the past and a woman tries to unravel what happened and who actually killed her family. but it should be pretty interesting. it's starring charlize theron who is known for dark work. and because of flashbacks, christina hendricks will be playing her mother.

>> this book was a best seller , a memoir about a young woman who hikes the trail out on the pacific coast and reese witherspoon has taken on that role.

>> that's right. and oprah loved this book. it restarted her book club . it was a huge best seller , follows cheryl, she hit rock bottom in her 20s, and decided to hike over 1,000 miles.

>> brian, thanks.

>> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

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