TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

‘Biggest Loser’ contestant postponed wedding to compete

Tumi Oguntala, the most recent contestant to be eliminated from the “The Biggest Loser,” said she postponed her wedding to compete on the popular reality show and lost almost 100 pounds as a result.

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>> the crazy woman jillian michaels . and now we want to say a quick hello to the latest contestant. she is no loser, my friend, other than the fact you look fantastic because you have lost a tremendous amount of weight. let's show a picture of how -- where you started. what was your starting weight? 319?

>> 319.

>> and what are you at now?

>> 153.

>> that is amazing. you lost a person.

>> i did and not a skinny person.

>> no, that is amazing. and you postponed your wedding.

>> i did.

>> to go through this. why did you do that?

>> because for me, i waited to have children because i didn't want to die early. and so, if you're going to give your life to someone, you want the best life you can give. and this was my opportunity, and i took it.

>> and there you're trying on your wedding gown . you look amazing. did you ever think you would see a video like that?

>> i never did.

>> are you still losing? looks like you're still losing.

>> i am. i'm running all the time.

>> so you're up to the $100,000 at home prize. you think you got a good shot at that?

>> i won the at home prize in my mind, but anything else is gravy.

>> thank you so much. and god bless . that's fantastic. my wife and daughter, big fans. big fans. they watch every