TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Gaining weight? It might be your spin classes

Those trendy spin classes could cause you to gain weight, particularly in your thighs, say experts, even though you’re swapping fat for lean muscle.

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>>, is your spin class actually making you heavier? well, turns out it could be says celebrity trainer tracy anderson. the reason. well, spinning mainly works your thighs and gluts. while you might be burning calories and fat, you end up building a lot of leg muscle , too. and muscle weighs more than fat. the solution is to mix in other kinds of workouts. don't limit yourself solely to spinning.

>> it doesn't make you fat, it builds muscle. muscle is always better. but my observation of spinning, i got a gift certificate, my bum hurt -- hurts, rather. it hurts, that seat, it's impossible.

>> got to get the gel cushion.

>> baby has no back.

>>> and trending on the daily news, new york -- generally we don't make a big deal about celebrity sightings, but for a lot of us,