TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Social media reacts to new Springsteen album

The “boss” released his eighteenth studio album Tuesday, generating a lot of reaction on social media.

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>>> now tamron's over in the orange room with some music to the ears of springsteen fans. tamron.

>> we're going to get the party started, guys. big day for bruce springsteen , a new album released today. by the way, his 18th studio album in a career that spanned 40 years, called " high hopes ." and it's supposed to be a retrospective of music he's held in one of those vaults we hear that great musicians have. and released new things, as well. a lot of folks excited as you can imagine. this brings us to our question at 7:50. what is your favorite song? i know you have in your office one of the coolest pictures i've ever seen, a picture of you and bruce springsteen . so, here's our list,, you can vote, as well. my favorite happens to be dancing in the dark . i remember the video. i used to call it the courteney cox song. let us know your thoughts. i have to say this and i hope it's not inappropriate. this man knows how to wear a pair of jeans. it is amazing. and there you have it.

>> thunder rose.