TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Texting and driving leads to car flip

Tamron presents a video showing a car rolling over after the driver was texting while driving that has gone viral. Would you speak up if you were in a car where the driver was texting?

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>>> carson daly 's still winging his way back from los angeles , but tamron's in the orange room . good morning.

>> good morning, guys. good to see you. quite an interesting video that caught our attention this morning. we know the dangers of texting while driving or being on the phone while driving. take a look at this video out of ft. myers, florida. released by the police department there to really remind of us of how unsafe the situation can be. look at that, he literally swerves and rolls the car. the driver escaped incredibly without injury. this guy was cited, according to police, for careless driving and texting while drive. thankfully it's a single- car accident and he's okay. but as mentioned, florida police really want folks to be aware of the dangers. i've got numbers, 25% of all car accidents result of texting. and a campaign out of san francisco where they're asking folks to paint their thumb red, men and women, to remind us not to text while driving. we posed this question on would you speak up if you're in a car with a driver who is texting? i was in that situation this weekend. i spoke up. but would a teenager speak up? we're asking that today, folks.

>> that's a good question.

>> all the time, ask them to get off the phone, stop texting.

>> they're not supposed to be on the phone --

>> even hands free.

>> exactly.

>> tamron, thank you very much.