TODAY   |  January 14, 2014

Pastor holds 1-minute service to make big game

When you have to choose between church and football, sometimes football wins, even if you’re the pastor. This hilarious video shows pastor Tim Christensen in Butte, Montana, leading a 1-minute service before exposing his San Francisco 49ers shirt. The San Francisco 49ers fan held a full-length service right after.

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>>> and proof this morning when it comes down to choosing between church and football on sunday morning, well, sometimes football wins even for the pastor. this is pastor tim christianson in butte, montana, he was scheduled to lead the service at the same time the panthers were on tv. so he decided to speed things up a little.

>> some bread and wine up here on the table. feel free to help yourself. it's fine.

>> the entire length of the service, you just about heard it. one minute there. pastor tim ended things by opening his robe and showed his 49ers shirt and said out of here. good for him.

>> self-serve communion, basically.