TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Jacqueline Bisset Golden Globes speech goes viral

The veteran actress shocked and surprised with her speech after winning Best Supporting Actress in a series for her role on the British miniseries “Dancing on the Edge.”

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>> and we are back in los angeles , big night on the twitters, carson

>> the twitters

>> the twitters

>>> the twitters

>> as my mom would say, the twitter tweeters

>> it was a big night , obviously the golden globes . you know a lot of people were talking about one of the interesting things was the sort of the long walk to the stage for the winners last night. our friends at buzzfeed created a fun little map of the actual walk if you were in the room at the beverly hilton last night. we�ll put that up so you can see it. well you�ll see it i�m sure at some point. early on in the show, one of the first winners of the night was jacqueline bissett. did you guys see that moment?

>> that was, she had a long walk, she stopped oh there�s john voit, hello to you,

>> couldn�t they have gotten her a segway

>> she needed a segway, i think she walked out of the hotel, around the block, came back in and then started her speech. it was a really great moment. ellen degeneres probably had one of my favorite tweets last night. she actually wrote, i helped write jacqueline bisset�s speech. did you like it?

>> that was retweeted 10,000 times. so lots of great moments on the globes. we�ll have plenty from it right here from los angeles back to you.

>> it was kind of amazing. it was like i waited 45 years i�m going to take my time

>> and who could argue with her?