TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Joy Fit: 2 women lose 400 pounds

Emily Moore and Denise Wolford struggled with their weight for years, but when they decided to tackle obesity, they lost more than 400 pounds. TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer welcomes them to the Joy Fit Club.

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>>> we're back with two new members -- what, hoda?

>> two new members.

>> of "the joy fit club ." if you already lost motivation to lose weight this year, these stories will inspire you.

>> combined they lost more than 400 pounds.

>> here to tell us how they did it is the leader of the pack , "today" contributor joy bauer.

>> these women are unbelievable. we're going to start with emily moore, from alabama.

>> okay.

>> she's 32 years old. that's emily over there before. and she got married very, very young, to the man of her dreams, happily married, they have two kids, but when they first got married, she didn't know how to cook and they loved to eat. they existed on fast food , convenience meals and lots of restaurant oughtings. she gained weight, fast and furiously, especially during her two pregnancies. the turning point was on a family vacation, they were on the plane going to disney world with her dad, with her two boys, and with her husband and she had to ask for a seat belt extender. now, they didn't care. she was mortified. when she came back, she went to a weight loss surgeon, with committed to doing the surgery. she found out the cost and the fact it wasn't covered by insurance, it wasn't a possibility. god literally intervened and a few days later at sunday school, i have the chills, she met a girl who lost a lot of weight simply by counting calories.

>> old-fashioned way.

>> she showed her how to do it. she downloaded a free app, my fitness pal, and she is a different person. beforehand, this is her.

>> emily , hold on. i can't wait.

>> okay.

>> she's going to walk out after losing 185 pounds.

>> unbelievable. who are you?

>> oh, my gosh!

>> she is stunning.

>> she looks like minus 2.

>> what size are you?

>> i'm a 4.

>> no.

>> no, you're not.

>> you look awesome.

>> i just thank god.

>> oh, my --

>> you look amazing.

>> what do you eat?

>> she learned how to cook and she befriended the crock pot .

>> explain what you do with the recipes.

>> this is the pasta balognese. it is low calorie and healthy. i can make this, and it is huge, and together in the morning.

>> she doubles and triples recipes and puts them in individual containers. stashes them in the freezer and has future meals going forward.

>> i can't believe it.

>> it is right there.

>> easy.

>> you are amazing.

>> don't go anywhere.

>> who's next?

>> next, we have denise woodforde. she's from kansas. denise is 55 years old and she struggled with her weight since she was 16. so this is an amazing story because it wasn't until she was 53 her daughter had a very painful miscarriage. denise prayed to god and vowed that if he would give her daughter a child, then she would finally lose the weight. in this picture, denise is 346 pounds. denise has lost 270 pounds.

>> please come out.

>> and this is her big sweater from before. look at her!

>> unbelievable.

>> and she is a happy grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren.

>> you look awesome.

>> thank you.

>> wow.

>> what is she eating?

>> nothing.

>> what she's done is she made swaps to everyday food to drive the calories down. instead of egg, egg substitute. instead of whole milk, low fat milk. she sweetened up her recipes with bananas, using low calorie bread, non-fat greek yogurt .

>> my husband doesn't even recognize me. i have people in the grocery store that say, where's your first wife?

>> oh, great job. great job.