TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Fan watched KLG & Hoda during breast cancer battle

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb honor Ellen Duffy from Jensen Beach, Fla., for being a loyal Fourth Hour fan. She says watching the show helped put a smile on her face as she battled breast cancer.

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>>> it is time now for one of our favorite things when we get to surprise our "fan of the week."

>> drum roll please. while we spin the globe, the winner is --

>> who?

>> ellen duffy from florida, who watches us on wptv, joining us by skype. hello, ellen , congrats.

>> we're so excited. we'll talk to you in a second. we want to tell everyone why you've won. you've always been a big fan . this past year ellen battled breast cancer and she says watching our show every day helped put a smile on her face. we're so glad to hear that.

>> ellen 's children made her a road to success chart that included us and over the summer ellen and her husband steve and their entire family showed their support by sharing a toast and watching our show together.

>> oh, my god.

>> ellen also created a hoda and kathie lee inspired zen tiles, which became part of the healing waterfall in a local treatment home. her prognosis is great. congratulations, ellen .

>> you look wonderful!

>> so thrilled.

>> that means so much to us.

>> thank you.

>> you want to know where you're going? you want to know what you've won?

>> look at her.

>> tell her.

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>> are you excited?

>> thank you so much.

>> we love you.

>> send us some pictures, okay? god bless .

>> how sweet is she?

>> a doll.

>> if you think you deserve to be a fan of