TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Gooding on ‘The Butler’:  I think our film did well

Cuba Gooding Jr. says he and the rest of the cast and crew of “The Butler” were not concerned about not being nominated for The Golden Globes. The veteran actor also reflects on his career and talks about his role in the upcoming film “Life of a King.”

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>>> show you the money.

>> show you -- show me the money !

>> show me the money !

>> louder.

>> show me the money !

>> that's it!

>> show me the money !

>> i need to feel you, jerry.

>> show me the money !

>> you better yell.

>> show me the money !

>> and he never gets tired of seeing that over and over and over again. it's one of the most famous movie lines in history that helped earn an academy award , you'll remember for best supporting actor in " jerry maguire ."

>> he's playing an ex-con giving at risk teens a chance to change their lives.

>> all you're really doing is sacrificing yourself. like the pawn you truly are.

>> good morning. so great to have you here.

>> good to be here.

>> always.

>> i've got to go back to the show me the money .

>> you want the dance. yeah. every day.

>> every day, right? people come up to you.

>> we're talking awards shows. you obviously got the statue for that.

>> yes.

>> talk about what that did for your life, for your career, and what you might tell someone what it does.

>> you know, it obviously made me still relevant here we are. decades later, and they're still celebrating the performance. i tell all the young actors that i work with, don't take yourself so seriously. just work, keep working. you know, i got the awards so young in my career that now it's just going back to film school every time on the set. and i've done since that film, you know, 30 something films since then. gotten a lot of experience.

>> i can't believe that was almost 20 years ago. that seems crazy when you think about that.

>> it's crazy.

>> and here we are talking about awards shows. and you know, a lot of people expected to see lee daniels , "the butler" nominated. it didn't get nominated. were you surprised?

>> with the golden globes , it's like potluck, anything can happen. the way they always nominate what they feel that their heart, i guess. and it's different sensibilities because it's a collection of people from all over the world. so different societies have different opinions. we came out in august, and after that was the "12 years in slave" and " american hustle " came and took the energy out of the room with anything that had opened before it. i think our film did well. so --

>> were you guys shocked, though? would you talk to lee daniels or oprah or whoever it was and say, what, we didn't win anything?

>> we got the nomination.

>> the golden globes --

>> the screen actors guild award , best ensemble and oprah's performance is being recognized. so we're --

>> i just meant golden globes , it's going to win its share of awards.

>> we got the gold statue.

>> a wise man once told me that the hollywood foreign press is crazy.

>> yeah.

>> smart guy who told me that.

>> well, good looking, too.

>> he was handsome, he wears a nice scarf and all the rest of it.

>> let's talk about this role you play, eugene brown in "the life of a king." and he is an ex-con that comes in and teaches these kids the game of chess and how much chess is like the game of life .

>> that's exactly -- that's it. i think if there's a theme to my films all the way back from " boyz in the hood " to " jerry maguire ." when i heard about eugene's story, about how he'd been incarcerated all the years, estranged from his children and got into this environment with these street kids going down the same path, turned them into chess champions and turned their lives around. i knew this was along the theme of films i've been blessed to be a part of. and i think an important story, too.

>> and it's a story of the power of one man. the classroom and community.

>> absolutely. big chess club is thriving today in washington, d.c. and i think the film really touches people because they can identify with those family values at the movie.

>> clearly you're a man of those family values , as well. always great to have you here. thanks so much. and good luck with the rest of the awards season.

>> it's all coming. "life of a king" opens this friday, it'll be available on demand