TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Go behind the scenes of crime drama ‘The Blacklist’

TODAY’s Al Roker talks with the cast and crew of the popular NBC crime drama about an international criminal who forges an uneasy alliance with the FBI.

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>> co-star megan boone on location to find out what makes this show tick.

>> and action.

>> it's a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride of a tv show . james spader plays raymond reddington, military man turned international criminal who inexplicably turns himself in after 20 years claiming he wants to help rid the world of evil. every week, he exposes a new member of what he calls the blacklist to an fbi task force .

>> talking about the ones you can't find because you don't know they exist.

>> james, why did you want to get involved with this show?

>> well, i was sort of reading what was out there and not finding anything that i was interested in. and all of a sudden this landed. i'm always looking for something that really is going to sustain in terms of unanswered questions. a show that can evolve and develop with time.

>> and this is a show that, boy, you talk about not having questions answered.

>> yeah.

>> week after week.

>> it really can go in any direction.

>> the biggest question, why red will only work with one person. rookie fbi agent elizabeth keene .

>> i speak only with elizabeth keene .

>> do you know what the relationship is?

>> yes. particulars and specifics of that relationship i don't know. but ultimately, that's a great deal of what the show is about. i think you just have to sort of allow an audience a glimpse behind the curtain and shut it in their face.

>> nothing special about me.

>> oh, i think you're very special.

>> megan boone stepped into this role, lizzy, young person . what's it like working with her?

>> it's like reddington's relationship with elizabeth keene . you know, we both jumped on to a train and the train has left the station at full speed and it's on fire.

>> we make a great team.

>> when you found out that james spader was going to be red reddington, what did you think?

>> well, when i found out james was on the project, it was a moment in my life that i was kind of bouncing off of walls and screaming and calling everyone i knew. and i loved. mom, james spader took the part. i'm going to be working opposite james spader .

>> obviously i don't understand you.

>> red reddington, dough you like this guy?

>> i don't know if i'd be able to play him over such a long period and not find something that i liked a lot about him. i have to live with him.

>> yeah.

>> and the things that i may not be comfortable with about him are things that i'm perfectly comfortable with the discomfort.

>> if you were confronted with the things he is confronted with or make the choices he makes that you'd be able to do the things he does?

>> i might walk away a lot more.

>> i love this show. i love him in it. and tomorrow, we're going to get a tour of the war room and go out to the set with some of the other great cast members . it's a terrific show and terrific cast.

>> if you want to catch "the blacklist" airs tonight 10:00 /9:00