TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Get Golden Globes style without spending all your gold

TODAY fashion contributor Zanna Roberts Rassi shows how you can craft facsimiles of gowns worn at the Golden Globes without breaking the bank.

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>>> looking at the red carpet . we know a lot of people are watching. you've been kind of scouring the racks. you predicted some of the trends we would see. and you've got some knock-offs or look-a-likes.

>> yeah. and you can wear them more every day. everyone doesn't have a red carpet gown need every day.

>> no, but you want to sometimes get inspired by the fashions we see.

>> absolutely.

>> let's start with embellishment. who was wearing that look on the red carpet ?

>> there was a lot of people embellishing. people like mila kunis , and it's something you have to make sure is the right proportion for your body. if it's too big, it's going to overwhelm you.

>> yep.

>> even paula was a big -- it's not something you can wear every day. we have two more affordable versions here.

>> okay.

>> embellishment, i see a lot of beading. is that what you mean?

>> it can be feathers, rocks, it can be anything that you're almost adorning your dress with. these two from river island and a reasonable price both under $100.

>> all right. another trend was tea length. would you call her a tea length dress?

>> yes, a lot on the red carpet last night. and it's a perfect thing to wear. it's not too formal as a gown but not as casual as cocktail.

>> yeah, i like it because it's sort of like you're not trying too hard.

>> and it can be flustering. some people think it's not as flattering as possible, but it's great.

>> i think we've got a couple of looks over here of the tea length look.

>> we do.

>> it can be flattering, but i feel like you've got to wear a heel with that, right?

>> but the key to this is wear it hip. it's mid shin. if you're very tall, you can have it mid-shin here. it's where the leg gets thinner. you're not going to wear it so your legs look chunkier. and if you're shorter, maybe just below the knee.

>> another look is something you're calling unexpected black. what did you mean by that?

>> there was a lot of people in unexpected black. we had everyone from cate blanche blanchett, amazing in the armani dress and emma roberts in the black. and we have a couple here. these are unexpected in the fact we have a crop top version here.

>> yeah.

>> and the black sequins.

>> looks so easy, black at the end of the day is the most flattering color you can wear and comes in every shape and size and works for every body type .

>> and then finally, we've got liquid metal . who wore those looks last night?

>> we saw quite a few people in liquid metal . niomi watts. we've got the full length here, it doesn't have to be gold or silver. we have olivia wilde in the green.

>> love that green.

>> and this copper dress here represents that really well. it's the perfect length. it's not too long and can be worn for easy cocktail party .

>> great to copy or reinspire. thank you so much. do you think it was overall a good night for the red carpet ?

>> a great night and i can't wait for the rest of the season.