TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Fashion hits and misses at the Golden Globes

TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie talks with actress and designer Lisa Rinna and style expert Jeannie Mai about who dazzled and who looked frazzled on the red carpet at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards

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>> orange is the new black and yet you went green.

>> what do you make of that?

>> i don't know.

>> look at you. you've got a lot going on.

>> you have the best date here.

>> i agree.

>> hopefully nobody unwraps you here.

>> i hope they do.

>> okay then.

>> talk about men taking risks, the color, the beauty, matthew mcconaughey . how are you, sir?

>> good luck socks.

>> i was a little bit of a rebel.

>> yeah. no tie.

>> no tie.

>> looking good.

>> i'm good.

>> you look fantastic.

>> i would say this is --

>> yes, very good. very good.

>> you look sharp .

>> thank you, sir.

>> i said to myself, nobody's going to be wearing it. and, boom, boom.

>> i like it.

>> all right.

>> like a mirror right now.

>> it's like looking in a mirror.

>> all right. for more on the fashions last night, let's bring in lisa rinna . hi, ladies.

>> good morning.

>> it was so good, wasn't it?

>> yeah. overall, do you give it a thumbs up?

>> i do. i really do. and people were surprised it was so understated. but i enjoy that. it can be more about the woman, the shape, not so much glitz and glam and sequins.

>> i think they nailed it. everybody.

>> let's start with someone who definitely nailed it. lupita nyong.

>> that was it. forget it, right?

>> simplicity at its best. radiant color shines off of her skin. you see her, don't necessarily see the dress, it complements her.

>> and you think movie star .

>> movie star . gorgeous.

>> let's talk about jennifer lawrence 's dress. i thought it was beautiful. what did you think?

>> i love her, and i think that, you know, she wears dior a lot. i kind of felt like been there dior that. which i think is great.

>> when it works, are you going to knock the dress? who cares?

>> look at her hair and earrings.

>> they were fabulous.

>> a very fashionable take on a column gown. and it was number one on twitter trending just in all of these different replications.

>> girl crush, margo.

>> she's my girl crush. she's the new star, and she looks stunning in that gucci. absolutely. look at her.

>> gorgeous.

>> you liked my girl crush all the way. michelle was the effervescent take on ball gown beauty.

>> i didn't see her.

>> a glass of champagne.

>> and an interesting asymmetric --

>> i just want to drink her.

>> so pretty.

>> i love her.

>> she's going to take a restraining order out on me. and your favorite.

>> i love tina fey 's rosy dress she wore on the red carpet .

>> she's done it so right for so long.

>> women can't wear patterns unless they're young or old, tina fey did it right. she wore three caroline harera gowns.

>> cate blanchett , wow, wow, wow and wow. movie star right off the runway. my jaw dropped when i saw her.

>> and from the back!

>> the back! look at this dress.

>> look how delicate. this dress just leafs around her. and her poise ask everything.

>> it's a piece of art.

>> and she wore it so well. let's talk about wearing it well. we had baby bumps last night. keri washington six months pregnant.

>> these girls did pregnancy right. that valencia on her was to die for. and i love the opposite green gucci on olivia wilde . i thought they did it so perfectly.

>> they were bumplicious.

>> what did you think about drew barrymore 's dress. i think the dress was adorable but maybe tough for a pregnancy.

>> i think for drew barrymore , it was absolutely perfect.

>> i think she's adorable.

>> the only person that could play it off, but i think it's a photo -- a dress that has its moments. you have to be careful where you're wearing it because it can come off -- too.

>> she works it, it's drew barrymore .

>> i am, too.

>> thank you so much. we could go all day, but we don't have time. we'll see you guys later.

>>> coming up, we're going to find red carpet looks for less, but now back to matt in new york.