TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Al Roker chats with Golden Globe winners

Al talks to a number of celebrities after the big awards show, including Amy Adams, who won for her role in “American Hustle,” and the cast of the honored TV show “Breaking Bad.”

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>> begin this half hour with more on the golden globes . and my prime seat inside the winners' circle.

>> the golden globe award goes to "12 years of slave."

>> the perfect award to win because we got to all stand there together and celebrate. it was unifying.

>> leonardo dicaprio , "the wolf of wall street ."

>> a lot's been made about the number of "f" bombs were dropped.

>> i knew it was going to be polarizing. and we purposefully wanted to focus on these people's attitudes. and ultimately for us, that says something about the culture we live in.

>> i always cry when i'm not supposed to, and when a director asks me to cry, i can't cry. it really sucks.

>> i didn't expect to win. you know -- sorry, i'll get emotional again. you know, you really -- there's so much to be grateful for. i don't really win very often so i don't get to thank them. it means a lot to me when i can get up there and thank people.

>> you gathered steam as you went along in your speech. and got a little salty there.

>> go to hell and don't come back.

>> i can be quite salty. i have a scottish father and a french mother and, you know, i've lived around. and i'm full of piss and vinegar, as they say.

>> we got the band back together. does this put a note on it for you guys?

>> i don't want --

>> i don't think it's ever going to be over.

>> you'll all go on and do great things, but never do this again.

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> we'll do some really terrible things. we'll be very disappointing to our parents.

>> well, a lot of people don't know this, but i'm actually a samurai.

>> are you really?

>> yes. you're only supposed to wear your hair like this if you have -- what's so funny?

>> no.

>> if you have been chosen and you have earned the right to wear it. if you don't, chop it off.

>> it ends up looking like this.

>> you know what, that's a very wise look, some say.

>> can people at home hear this music? or do they suddenly think you're getting fast because you have a panic attack, which i'm probably having.

>> i'm going to lie down.

>> you're a little pooped. put your feet up, relax a little bit. there you go.

>> i'm good.

>> you're good now?

>> i'm good, thank you.

>> and this is why the golden globes is so much fun.

>> i love it. you really got to talk to everyone. and i enjoyed your conversation with jared leto about the hair.

>> yes, he's a samurai. he showed me his sword a little later. it was terrific.

>> not touching that one.

>> i was on the red eye , i'm not touching that one.

>> again, that's why i love the golden globes .

>> by the way, we were in the room last night, and when jacqueline got up, say what you said at the end of her speech. you were yelling, "more,".

>> exactly.

>> how long did it take her? i felt so badly for her.

>> everybody.