TODAY   |  January 13, 2014

Subpoenas expected in NJ traffic scandal

For the fourth day in a row, no events have been scheduled for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after emails revealed members of his staff orchestrated a traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge last September. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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>>> now and the traffic jam scandals tied to aides of governor chris christie . he's been quiet since last week's news conference. but today, subpoenas could be issued to some of the people who were involved. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in new jersey at the capital of trenton. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. this begins the fourth straight day with no public events on the schedule for governor chris christie . aides tell me he's working on a very high-profile speech. the annual state of the state address , he'll give that tomorrow. just as so many are talking about the state of his own career. now and for 2016 . chris christie 's new turn as new jersey governor doesn't even officially begin until next week's second inaugural. but his future prospects are already uncertain.

>> i think his career is never going to escape the gravitational force field of this traffic scandal.

>> christie 's political jam is tied to days of misery on the george washington bridge . sunday, top republicans backed up the governor.

>> he says he didn't know. i think it's pretty darn credible. he wouldn't make this blanket denial unless he -- it's not true.

>> i think that he can now move on as long as another shoe doesn't drop.

>> reporter: that confidence reflects the magnitude of republican star power christie had amassed in a party searching for a national leader. on "meet the press," touted christie as too intelligent for the scandal.

>> i think we've got a really smart person in chris christie who is a former u.s. attorney who understands what's out there. and thousands and thousands of documents have been revealed. and not one single link to chris christie has been found.

>> but democratic state lawmakers say their investigation has barely begun.

>> what we want to do is get all the documents first, then bring the people in one by one and ask them some questions.

>> reporter: thursday, the governor was asked about resignation. his response, classic christie .

>> that's a crazy question, ma'am. i'm telling you, i had nothing to do with this.

>> reporter: and there'll be another test of christie 's resilience this weekend. he's scheduled to go to florida. that's the kind of thing he'll be expected to do often as head of the republican governor's association. matt?

>> kelly o'donnell on this story in trenton, kelly , thanks. meanwhile,