TODAY   |  January 12, 2014

Find your footing with a perfect pair of running shoes

When it’s time to foot the bill for a new pair of workout shoes, there are many models to choose from, and there are many ways to make sure that new sneaker fits well. TODAY’s Janice Lieberman reports, and TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe offers advice for beginning runners.

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>> when it comes to foot the bill for a new pair of workout shoes jourks to wonder why so much. we went to the source, the makers of brooks running shoes in seattle to find out. this is top secret info. inside this lab is a new generation of shoe. its brooks' newest creation, the transcend, all pretty high tech .

>> what this does, it allows us to cut the shoe open and be able to test the inside to make sure it comes out the way we want it to.

>> reporter: very cool. what are we seeing?

>> this is super dna foam that will give you all the cushioning, and the heel, you can see the guide rails that go around the entire shoe.

>> reporter: that's dna ?

>> that's dna .

>> reporter: no surprise these shoes cost a pretty penny , $160 for rauning shoe. a lot of people will say what am i paying for. is it worth it?

>> this is brand new technology. this shoe is worth every penny when you put it on, you will absolutely love it.

>> reporter: brooks isn't the only company touting glitzy colors and impressive mechanics. add december deed dass has the spring blade razor.

>> it's basically a bunch of leaf springs that stick off the shoe. the idea is they return energy to you.

>> reporter: nike, their flying knit lunar one plus.

>> nike's fly knit technology is a one, piece upper. it's almost like a sweater. it's really durable material.

>> reporter: when it comes down to it, are all the bells and whistles really necessary?

>> necessary? maybe not. but some runners find better success with more cushioning and technology. others just like the luxury and comfort it provides.

>> reporter: stores like road runner sports say you can get quality and a deal.

>> some really great tips to save money, buy last year's version of the sneaker they're using. it's still going to be the same value. to save money, by the two of the same and rotate. the foam can decompress and last longer.

>> reporter: millions of dollars go into the research and development of these shoes. that can last runners up to 600 miles.

>> you're getting the premium ride.

>> reporter: all this putting more pep in your step, next time you shell out big bucks to treat your feet to something special.

>> the bottom line , if the shoe fits, buy it. that may mean try on lots of styles. if there's something that bothers you in the store, skip it. the sneaker should feel great right away.

>> once you've scored the perfect pair of sneakers, you'll want to put them to good use, sflit what if you're not an avid runner. jenna has two simple steps for beginners looking to hit the pavement.

>> let's reiterate this is for beginners. these are beginner tips for runners. my first tip, i'd love you to follow a guided plant. don't wake up, call yourself jesse owens and go out for a 20-mile jaunt around the park. you need to start slow and follow a step-by-step guide. don't be afraid to walk. you should crawl before you walk. try walking four minutes, running one, slowly decrease your walking, increase your running. eventually you'll walk one minute and run four until you're running without stopping. bottom line , really ease into it slowly. there's a ton of reading material out there. just search for a beginner's running guide, a plan to ease you into a good running workout. my second tip honestly, it's about finding your motivation. one way to get yourself out the door -- i know this sounds silly -- put on your sneakers and lays them up. if you are dressed and ready to go you are more likely to go for a run than to get undressed and back into a bed. trust me on this. other good motivators. find a good buddy. find a fun music playlist and run along an interesting route with plenty of things to look at. on all these fall steps that seem silly will help you keep going. those are my tips.

>> good stuff, jenna. also ahead,