TODAY   |  January 12, 2014

Decision day for US figure skating team

Though it’s not yet clear who will make it to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, a selection process for the figure skating team will happen Sunday. Judges will take more than one performance into account. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Olympian Tara Lipinski.

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>> look at the u.s. figure skating championships . quite a night in boston for gracie gold who took home the gold at the nationals, but just who will go to the winter games ? the u.s. figure skating association named its olympic men's and women's teams later today , but we want to turn to nbc figure skating analyst and olympic gold medalist tara lapinski from boston where she's been watching all the action. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a lot of excitement. a lot of surprises even a little bit, especially for the wichlt what was the biggest surprise to you? last night's competition was so surprising. i didn't know what to think. to see ashley wagner sitting in fourth place right now, not knowing if she's going to the olympics . another surprise was pauline nah edmonds, a little 15 -year-old that blew everyone away and ended up in second.

>> you mentioned ashley wagner is in fourth place. we don't know if she'll be going to the olympics , but there is a chance. it's not necessarily the top three who are going to make it onto the team. explain how that works.

>> there's a selection process that will happen today. everyone is still very nervous. they look back over your past year, your accomplishments, what you've done. ashley wagner got the u.s. team three spots to go to the olympics this past worlds. so they take a lot into consideration.

>> we mentioned three women get to go, but only two men going to sochi . we'll be seeing more of that today. who do you think we're going to see headed to sochi for the mens?

>> i don't know. it's so exciting. an olympic year is so different than any other year. everyone is so nervous. jeremy abbott came out in the short program and was incredible. quads, everything you could think of. our defending national champion , not so great, but in the free skate anything can happen.

>> it's amazing to me how i feel every year, it's really every four years, how these spins and jumps get more and more incredible. the quads with the men, houp often we're seeing them, did you ever think we'd get to that point?

>> no. i've never done a quad. to see these men do these jumps, not only one quad in a program. they're doing three.

>> you won gold in '98, let's not forget about that. any picks, any favorites heading to sochi at this point?

>> well, for the ladies, euna kim is incredible, defending olympic champion . she's almost like a robot. she keeps doing these jumps year after year but she hasn't skated all' son. one of her main rivals, mao oh sada who was second last year is skating pretty well. it will be a good competition. tara, nice to have you with us this morning. thanks.

>>> nbc will have live coverage of the men's u.s. figure skating championships today. that begins at 3:00 p.m . eastern.