TODAY   |  January 12, 2014

Top picks for Golden Globes: ‘Gravity,’ ‘12 Years’

The Golden Globes will be one big party for Hollywood’s A-list stars, and the stars from both the small screen and the silver screen will be out in full force. E! News’ Alicia Quarles reports.

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>> if you watch tv, if you wav movies, if you want to talk to anybody to know what's going on in the world, you need to tune in for the 71st annual golden globes , the who's who of hollywood coming together for the biggest party of the year. helping to count us down is e news alicia quarrels who is live from the red carpet . good morning.

>> good morning, guys. miss you in new york, but happy to be in warm l.a. from the small screen to the big screen , everyone is expected to walk this red carpet . it might be quiet right now, but in just a few hours, the 71st annual golden globes is going to be stacked with star power . the golden globes , hollywood 's biggest party and a trail blazer for all the award shows that follow.

>> the golden globes sets the tone for the rest of the awards season and it's the most fun.

>> reporter: it's a chance for your favorite stars to let their hair down a little.

>> i beat meryl.

>> only at the golden globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat faced people of television.

>> reporter: despite the jokes, this is serious business. "12 years a slave" looegs leads the pack with seven nominations.

>> i survived. i will not fall into despair.

>> reporter: it's one of the most transformative experiences i've ever had in a movie theater .

>> reporter: it faces tough competition from sci-fi thriller "gravity."

>> i'm spinning. can't breathe.

>> "gravity" was out of this world. new technology to make it a reality. the hollywood foreign press may award them with best director .

>> reporter: " american hustle " also has seven nominations t. winner for best comedy or musical is anybody's guess.

>> you've got "wolf of wall street " and "nebraska." it won't go to "w068 of wall street ." too many f bombs. over 500? no.

>> reporter: for "breaking bad" which ended the highly acclaimed run last year, it's their last chance to win a golden globe .

>> say my name.

>> i think they may actually win, not for this year alone but for the entire body of work.

>> reporter: the big winners remain a mystery, one thing is for sure.

>> you can count on a lot of laughs. amy poehler and tina fey will kill. i cannot wait. of course, i've got my own predictions. i'm thinking for best drama, probably "gravity." they love sandra bulluck and george clooney . for best comedy, i think it will go to " american hustle ." it's all about the fashion. i can't wait to see what cate blanchett , george clooney , meryl streep , julia roberts will be wearing. lester, are you excited for the fashion?

>> i'm always excited about what kind of black tie the guys will be wearing. nobody else around you, you'll have the best position tonight.

>> nice and early, lester.

>> alicia, good to see you.