TODAY   |  January 12, 2014

Severe storms wreak havoc on East Coast

Damaging winds and harsh weather caused damage across the East Coast Saturday. Houses were demolished in North Carolina, streets in Georgia were turned to rivers and there was a 70 car pile-up in Maine. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> people are digging out from these nasty storms. look at this video here. just amazing. that's just part of it. dylan is following it closely. dylan is a little under the weather herself.

>> i think maybe being at 50 be he for three days straight might have had thing to do with it. boirks did we see wild weather yesterday, damaging winds and torrential rains knocked out power and demolished construction across the southeast. up north, extreme flooding and roads covered in ice. all in all, a storm to remember. what a difference a few days makes. following the arctic blast that brought some of the coldest temperatures in 20 years, now it's unseasonably warm temperatures and violent spring-like storms. a massive system stretching from maine to georgia marching its way across the east coast saturday. tornado warnings popping up across southern states .

>> oh, no, look at that!

>> reporter: the damaging winds demolishing these houses being built in raleigh and ripping down trees and branches like twigs. torrential rain turning some atlanta streets into rivers. thick fog blanketing the mid atlantic . but perhaps some of the most damaging weather was the freezing rain that turned northeast roads into sheets of ice. cars helpless. in connecticut this man's car slid off the road, flipped and landed upside down in a reservoir.

>> when i started seeing the water come in, you're going to die or maybe. i was just glad it was cold and the lake was frozen.

>> reporter: five people were hurt when a jackknifed tractor-trailer caused a chain reaction crash involving 70 cars in maine.

>>> a slippery race track in jersey sent this starting gate car plowing into the horses. several drivers were sent to the hospital, but the horses, remarkably escaped injury.

>> hard video to look at there. we are seeing an end to the severe weather . this cold front is moving to the east. it's all clear across parts of the gulf coast states. we will see that change the day. here we have a cold front . not that much to it. it is back through the rockies and will move to the south and east. that's going to be the area where we're going to see stronger storms redevelop, especially by tomorrow across the gulf coast states. three to four inches in new orleans and thunderstorms are likely. we're not going to see the severe threat of storms that we saw yesterday. we could certainly see those strong damaging winds producing some damage possible across the gulf coast . but this will slowly spread to the northeast and east. we will start to see some improvements. for today, all is clear. nick we need to clear up, we can do so today.